How Pedestrian Safety Shapes Your Car

In crowded city streets, where people and cars share the same space, pedestrian-automobile accidents are simply unavoidable. But did you know those collisions, many of them fatal, have influenced the way your entire car is designed?

How can a car be 85 percent recyclable?

Earlier this morning I was taking my aluminum cans and newspapers to the big recycling bins in my neighborhood, so naturally, I had recycling on my mind. And as I got back into my car and began to drive away, I remembered I had recently read about several automakers making the claim that their cars are almost entirely recyclable.

General Motors Sells Saab to Koenigsegg...and Volvo?

Louise Nordstrom of the Associated Press reported today that General Motors' Swedish brand, Saab, "was rescued Tuesday by a consortium led by Koenigsegg Automotive AB, a tiny luxury carmaker which produces only a dozen custom-made models a year." The deal is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and you can read all of the details in this press release from GM. But here's a crazy plot twist that you probably didn't see coming...

General Motors Bankruptcy: "...with regret that this path proved necessary..."

Well, it's done. General Motors has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If you're interested (and this will only take about 30 seconds to read), here's the simple, yet well-crafted statement from the GM Board of Directors. There's a great deal of hope in that short press release -- a lot of terms like "new beginning,"...