Right Now in CarStuff

In 1971, a successful race car from the mid-1960s was driven into a California storage unit, and then forgotten by almost everyone for the next 30 years. But that’s not the most interesting part of this car’s story, to say the least. Join Scott and Ben as they unravel the near-unbelievable (but true) history of the 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, chassis number CSX2287.

How Pedestrian Safety Shapes Your Car

In crowded city streets, where people and cars share the same space, pedestrian-automobile accidents are simply unavoidable. But did you know those collisions, many of them fatal, have influenced the way your entire car is designed? Join Scott and Ben as they describe how pedestrian safety has shaped your car.

The Surprising History of the Crime of Jaywalking

Nearly 100 years ago the crime of “jaywalking” was created. But do you want to know the most surprising part of the story? It’s the groups responsible for getting this law on the books in the first place. Listen in as the CarStuff hosts, Scott and Ben, take a closer look at the unusual history of jaywalking.

The Best and Worst States and Cities for Car Owners

We promise, this is not a rerun! Although similar to a topic we covered a few months ago, we’ve shifted our focus from driving a car to car-ownership for this latest ranking of the best and worst states and cities. Listen in as Scott and Ben explore some new information and attempt to make sense of it all.

The Worst Places in the World to Buy a Car

If you’re a car enthusiast, you should consider the countries that Scott and Ben discuss in this episode as a list of places that you don’t ever want to live. Listen in as the CarStuff guys talk about some of the worst (and most expensive) places in the world to buy a car.

Private Railroad Cars

Did you know that you can buy, own and operate a private, antique rail car? It’s a great way to recapture some of the grace, sophistication and style that cross-country travel held decades ago. Listen in as Scott and Ben introduce you to the little-known world of privately owned railroad passenger cars.

The World’s Rarest Cars

It probably won’t surprise you that some of the rarest cars in the world are also some of the most expensive cars in the world – but there are a few exceptions. Join Scott and Ben as they sort through a variety of extremely rare cars that span 100 years of automotive history.

Why do automakers camouflage cars?

The camouflage that automakers meticulously design to conceal new vehicles only seems to make them stand out from everything else on the road. Isn’t that the opposite of what camo is supposed to do? Why bother using camouflage at all? Scott and Ben will tell you why, in this episode of CarStuff.

Porsche Passport and Other Car Subscription Services

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of this sort of thing. At this point, car subscription services haven’t really haven’t been around all that long. Join Scott and Ben as they delve into this relatively new way for automakers to do business.

Learn to Drive a Ford Model T in 2018

Whether you’re into cars or not, driving an authentic Ford Model T would be a thrill – maybe even a bucket-list item for some. One Michigan museum is offering you the chance to get behind the wheel of an antique Model T for a lesson in what it takes to start and drive one of these early automobiles. Listen in as Scott and Ben tell you where it’s happening, and what you can expect from this unusual driver’s training course.

Is your car boring?

Don't blame the design engineers! They're just one of several groups that play a role in car design and production. Join Scott and Ben as they discuss a few surprising (and some not-so-surprising) reasons why a lot of cars are simply...well, boring.

Will California ban internal combustion-powered cars?

California wants to rid its roadways of all combustion engine-powered cars. But does the state really have the authority to ban the internal combustion engine? Listen in as Scott and Ben talk about California’s proposed plan to go all-electric.

Not Quite Dead Yet

When a car or truck is discontinued, those models don’t just magically disappear from dealer inventory. Sometimes it takes a long, long time to clear-out the old to make room for the new. Join Scott and Ben as they look at some discontinued new cars that are still sitting on dealer’s lots.

NASCAR’s Hawk-Eye Monitoring System

If you’re familiar with NASCAR, then you know the chaos sometimes associated with pit road: Race cars entering and exiting the pits, misplaced tools, stray tires rolling away, fast-moving teams eager to trim a fraction of a second off their last pit-stop time – all while a NASCAR Official stands in the middle of the action. But not anymore. Listen in as Scott and Ben discuss NASCAR’s Hawk-Eye camera system.

Hurricane Flood Cars and How to Avoid Buying One

Up to one million cars and trucks have been damaged in the flood waters left behind by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Most will be completely scrapped, picked clean of the few remaining undamaged components (if any), and they’ll never see the road again. Others, however, will be cleaned, have the VIN switched and then be retitled for fast sale — all with no flood damage listed on a vehicle history report. Listen in as Scott and Ben tell you how to avoid buying a hurricane damaged car or truck.

Hassle Cars

Have you ever owned a car that continually made you feel anxious and unsure about the next mile due to its lack of reliability? Some cars seem to be trouble right from the start, while others become a burden later on. Join Scott and Ben as they discuss the aggravation that can result from owning an untrustworthy car.

Is your car making you sick?

Everyone knows that a dirty home or workplace can lead to allergic reactions, asthma attacks and other respiratory conditions -- but what about your auto? Join Scott and Ben as they take a closer look at the troubling, often undiagnosed cause of allergic reactions: your car.


If you’re familiar with CarStuff, then you’ll know that this is not going to be a typical minivan discussion. Join the hosts, Scott and Ben, as they take you down a few different roads that reveal some little-known facts about the history and development of the minivan.

The Reality of Exotic Car Maintenance

If you own a vehicle, you understand that there are hidden costs of ownership -- including maintenance. But have you ever considered what your maintenance bill would look like if you owned a rare exotic sports car? Join Scott and Ben for a jaw-dropping, honest and accurate look at just how expensive it is to own and maintain a Mclaren F1.

Automotive Easter Eggs

Have you ever noticed the Italian speaking spider under your fuel door or the shark in your glovebox? Those are two real-life examples of hidden, often whimsical, details that automotive designers have included in production cars. Follow along with Scott and Ben as they try to determine if their examples — and they have a lot of examples — fit the definition of a “true” automotive Easter Egg.