You're Doin' It Wrong! Common Traffic Misconceptions

Is that the "fast" lane or the passing lane? When should you merge? Do speeding drivers really get out of tickets on technicalities? Join Scott and Ben as they explore the ins and outs of the driving world's most common misconceptions.

10 Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets

It's no secret that speeding tickets can be an enormous pain. Depending on where you live (and how fast you're driving), the fines can be pretty hefty, too. So how can you best avoid getting one? Tune in to find out.

Everyone speeds. Whether it's just a mile or two over the limit while you're in a parking structure (yes, most covered parking areas post speed limits...and very low speed limits, by the way), or if you're quickly shifting your way up to sixth gear as you blast your way onto the expressway, everyone is guilty of speeding at some point in their driving history. But what happens if you're caught while driving at 100-plus miles per hour? Craig Howie from AOL Autos recently wrote an interesting article that describes the methods Highway Patrol officers can employ to clock your actual speed as you reach those triple-digit numbers. These range from radar guns to camera systems and even aircraft in some states. But what's more interesting is how varied the states are in their punishment.