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The 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe - CSX2287

In 1971, a successful race car from the mid-1960s was driven into a California storage unit, and then forgotten by almost everyone for the next 30 years. But that’s not the most interesting part of this car’s story, to say the least.

The Mickey Thompson Story

Marion Lee Thompson - better known as Mickey, was an off-road and racing legend, a mechanical genius and a gifted entrepreneur. Join Scott and Ben as they explore the innovations, failures and successes of Mickey Thompson.

High Speed Stuff Wrap-up: Signs of Engine Trouble and the Bloodhound SSC

I intend to keep it a little more brief than usual today, so here's what Ben and I have been talking about on our High Speed Stuff podcast over the past week...

Jesse James' H2 Land Speed Record is Exposed as a False Claim

It looks like there's quite an argument brewing between Jesse James, who according to a recent press release from Spike TV is "a custom bike and car builder, producer, publisher, television host and restaurateur," and Louise Ann Noeth a "noted automotive journalist and world land speed historian." What could a custom bike builder and a historian quarrel about, you ask?

Will the British Steam Car team break a 103-year-old land speed record this year?

I had no idea. I simply had no idea that anyone was still using steam to power a car...especially one that's attempting to establish a new steam car land speed record. But that's exactly what the British Steam Car team is up to right now. The team is currently on-schedule to bring their car, named "Inspiration," to the Bonneville Salt Flats in September 2009 to break a steam car land speed record that's been in the record books for more than a century.