Abandoned Auto Factories Around the World

Sometimes old automobile factories are put to good use when the assembly line finally stops moving. We’re not talking about those places in this episode. Join Scott and Ben as they discuss the decrepit remains of some once-great car factories.

The idea of a barn find excites me. Can you imagine the rush of excitement that comes with opening the door of a dilapidated old barn, shed or warehouse and discovering a vintage car or truck -- or even better, a collection of vintage cars and trucks -- that someone squirreled away decades ago? Of course, it doesn't happen very often, and when a barn find reveals something rare, valuable or rich in automotive history, news of the find spreads fast. With that said, did you happen to read about the latest reported barn find in England? More than 30 vintage cars discovered all at once. Actually, in this case, it may be more accurate to call this a barnyard find, as the cars were found outside -- hidden by more than 50 years of undergrowth and even trees that had grown since the cars were parked there decades ago.