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The Apple Car (aka "Project Titan")

The idea to manufacture an Apple car predates the iPhone — and yet, more than a decade (and several generations of iPhone models) later, we’re still waiting to see an Apple-built car. Will it ever become a reality?

Wireless Charging Systems for Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids

Charging an electric car really isn't all that difficult; but wireless charging could make the process even easier. I can't help but wonder if some drivers are reluctant to jump on the all-electric or plug-in hybrid bandwagon simply because of the extra effort it takes to connect the car to a charging station each evening? I know that seems a little absurd, but I suppose it's possible. After all, it is an extra step that most people just aren't accustomed to...

Recharge Your Electric Car (or Hybrid) Though its Tires

If this becomes a reality, all-electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids stand to gain additional (or even unlimited?) driving range and a significant decrease in downtime for a battery recharge. As an added benefit, EV batteries could be much smaller in size (which means reduced weight, too) and far less expensive to replace when the time comes for a fresh start. Sounds good, right? But how do they do it? According to a recent post at Green Car Congress, "Researchers at...

How will temperature affect MPGe?

As every driver in colder regions of the world knows, a low temperature can make it harder to start your car - but why?

What is the ideal car for the city?

As I drove from the suburbs into the city early this morning, I had a little time to ponder another car question. I was wondering how my choice of vehicle would be affected by where I live. The car I drive seems perfect for my current needs, but what if I moved into the city?

Nissan Unveils Its All-electric Leaf

Here's a car that you may not have heard about until now: an electric vehicle (EV) from Nissan called the Leaf. And why is Nissan's Leaf a big deal, you may ask? Well, it's the first zero-emissions, 100 percent electric car from Nissan, that's why. The Leaf, a medium-size hatchback, was unveiled just yesterday, and as Dan Neil reported in the Los Angeles Times, "Depending on how you define your terms, the Leaf will be the first mass-market EV sold in the U.S. since the 1920s."

Here's a surprising tidbit of auto history for you today: The hybrid car idea is well over 100 years old. Ferdinand Porsche, creator of Volkswagen and father of Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche (aka Ferry Porsche), is credited with developing an electric car way back in 1898 (not the first electric car, by the way). This was followed soon after by the first hybrid car in 1901. If you weren't aware of this historic automotive fact already, you can get a fairly concise history of Porsche's innovative electric car design as well as a glimpse of his first hybrid car design in this article by Peter Valdes-Dapena. However, Porsche is not the first U.S. Patent holder for a hybrid car design.

After a great deal of speculation over the past several years, Tesla Motors has officially announced that it's opening a Midwest Regional Sales & Service Center in Chicago, Ill. Set to open this spring, the Chicago store will be located at 1053 W. Grand Avenue, near the Kennedy Expressway in the River West neighborhood. According to the latest Tesla Motors press release, "The location gives prospective customers the opportunity to experience Tesla's best-in-class performance under a range of driving conditions, including highways and urban streets." To date, Tesla Motors has only two retail locations; both of which are in California -- one in Los Angeles and the other in Menlo Park. The Chicago store is the first of seven new locations in the works for 2009. The other six cities that Tesla is targeting are London, Miami, Seattle, Manhattan, Washington, D.C. and Munich, Germany.