The Cars of Breaking Bad

The CarStuff crew discuss some of the cars featured in AMC's acclaimed television series Breaking Bad.

The Best of the Worst Cars Ever Built

Some of the cars on this list have a redeeming quality or two. Most don’t. Listen in to see if you agree as Scott takes you through a list of some of the best of the worst cars ever to hit the showroom floor.

The Surprising History of the Crime of Jaywalking

Nearly 100 years ago the crime of “jaywalking” was created. But do you want to know the most surprising part of the story? It’s the groups responsible for getting this law on the books in the first place.

Charity Road Rallies

What is a charity road rally? Which causes do these events benefit, and what makes them so popular? What do you need to know about participating in or supporting a road rally? Tune in to find out.

So you want to be a kart racer?

If you listen to the High Speed Stuff podcast on a regular basis, then you may have heard me mention that I own a go-kart. At this point, I've had it for more than 20 years and it still makes me smile every time I take it out for a spin around the neighborhood -- which isn't nearly often enough, by the way.

Do you ignore the way certain (or all) cars look?

Today I have another question for you. This one is inspired by a brief (yet eye-opening) conversation I had last evening with a co-worker here in the office. I'll protect his identity -- you know, in the unlikely event there happens to be any backlash.

The Morgan AeroMax and Other Cars You've (probably) Never Seen on the Road

If you read Car and Driver, then I invite you to pick up your September 2009 print edition and have a quick look at the bottom of page 121. There, you'll find a very short paragraph about the Morgan Aero SuperSports, the car set to replace the Morgan AeroMax for 2010. I've always liked the styling...

High Speed Stuff Wrap-up: The Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) Explained and Cash for Clunkers Scams

They say timing is everything. But after reading today's breaking news about the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) -- aka Cash for Clunkers -- being suspended after only a few days, which was shortly followed by the announcement that the program is to be extended, well...I've got to say, I think our timing is pretty good. And since the program has been headline news for a while...

Cash For Clunkers: Opposition to the Program

In yesterday's post, I told you that charities are the reason that Congress decided on 18 miles per gallon as the limit on "clunker" trade-ins. Yet, despite that major modification of the program -- which, by the way, was intended to alleviate some of the concerns that charities had prior to the start of Cash for Clunkers -- a lot of charities are still unhappy. Just read this article from NPR's Elizabeth Shogren if you want verification of that. But they're not the only ones that don't like it...

Cash For Clunkers: Are charities responsible for the 18 mpg cutoff?

If you've read my past few posts about the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS), also called the Cash for Clunkers program, then I'm guessing that by now that you've also gone to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) official CARS Web site,, to take a look the program rules. And after you examined those rules, I'm wondering if you had the same question I had...