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Brass Era Cars

It's true: Once upon a time, cars were made with brass fittings. But which kinds of cars - and how did they work? Tune in to learn more about Brass Era cars with Scott and Ben.

Starting a 1909 Model R Stanley Steamer - And yes, it involves fire.

A little less than a week ago, I posted a blog entry about what it's like to start and drive a Ford Model T. If you recall, it requires much, much more than just sliding behind the wheel and turning the ignition key. In fact, it's a bit like jumping through hoops just to get it started, and driving one is an even bigger challenge. Well, if the Ford Model T requires you to jump through hoops, then starting the 1909 Stanley Steamer is like jumping through flaming hoops -- quite literally.

Starting and Driving a Ford Model T

Over the years, I've owned, or had the opportunity to drive, a few cars that I think could best be described as "a handful" to drive. However, after reading a short feature article in the July 2009 edition of Car and Driver titled, How to: Drive a Ford Model T, I now realize that no car I've ever driven can compare. Ford's Model T is a true test of driver skill.