Trophy Truck Barrel Roll (with video)

Scott Benjamin

Adrian "Wildman" Cenni completes the first ever ground to ground 360-degree barrel roll in a 4-wheel vehicle. Courtesy of Adrian "Wildman" Cenni via YouTube

This is really amazing, so take a moment to watch the short video clip (below) of the actual stunt before you do anything else. Done? Good. And now that we're all completely impressed (myself included), you should know that completing a successful barrel roll in a vehicle isn't really anything new. Noteworthy, yes; but not new. And while Adrian "Wildman" Cenni promotes his latest stunt as "the first ever ground-to-ground 360-degree barrel roll in a 4-wheel vehicle" (which is only true because of that "ground-to-ground" part), he's definitely not the first to ever complete the difficult (and dangerous) barrel roll trick.

So who else has done it, and when? Well, James Bond did a barrel roll in an AMC Hornet X in the 1974 film "The Man with the Golden Gun." (Or at least his stunt double did it anyway.) AMC later repeated the stunt several times in the 1970s (after the Bond movie success) during promotional events at the Houston Astrodome with their Javelin model. AMC called the trick "The Astro Spiral." And in 2011, Rob Dyrdek completed a kickflip in a Chevy Sonic. It's the same barrel roll stunt, but the name comes from a skateboard trick called the kickflip.

Am I forgetting other examples? Maybe. But you get the idea. The barrel roll stunt has been around for almost 40 years. The only difference I can see is that the cars performing the maneuver always use a slanted landing ramp, while Adrian "Wildman" Cenni landed his Baja Trophy Truck flat (or almost flat) on the ground. And whether his claim to be first is true or not, either way, this is one impressive stunt: