The Fisker Karma: Is this 100 mpg plug-in hybrid really on its way?

Scott Benjamin

Fisker Automotive has a goal of setting up a group of retailers across the U.S. to sell and service their luxury plug-in hybrid cars. How many retailers? Fisker says it wants 40 locations by the end of June 2009. That's a pretty lofty goal for any car company, let alone a new car company that just opened its doors in 2007.

Well...just yesterday, Fisker Automotive released a statement that revealed it already has 32 "award-winning retailers" in its network (if you download the PDF you can see the full list). Going over the list of charter members, it looks like 31 of the locations are in the U.S. and one is in British Columbia. Not a bad start, right?

The first of the Fiskers to hit the showroom floors will be the Fisker Karma sedan. The MSRP for the Karma, an eco-friendly, luxury, plug-in hybrid car, is expected to be $87,900. But understand that for that somewhat hefty price tag, you're getting a hybrid car that the manufacturer claims is capable of achieving 100 miles per gallon. And if you commute less than 50 miles per day, you won't burn any fuel at all -- the Fisker Karma is fully electric up to that point.

If you're not familiar with the Fisker Karma just yet, it's definitely worth further investigation. There's a lot more to it than just a unique hybrid-drive system. The company really takes the environmentally conscious-thing to the next level. Anyway, there's no doubt that plug-in hybrids will be on U.S. roadways soon enough, and I'm sure that the idea of a 100 mpg car is exciting to a lot of drivers. Who knows? If the momentum from yesterday's announcement continues, Fisker Automotive just might have 40 locations (or more) by the end of this month.

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