Raggare - Power Big Meet 2012 Car Culture: Raggare

The Power Big Meet is the largest classic American auto show in the world, and it features some staples of Southern U.S. culture: rock 'n' roll, beer, and much more. So why is it in Sweden?

Kill Switch - Toggle Switch What is a kill switch for?

If you're concerned about car theft, a kill switch may be just what the doctor ordered. Join Scott and Ben to learn more about how these work, why you might want one, and more.

Navdy Head-Up Display 5 Futuristic Add-ons

Just because you don’t have $120,000 to throw down on a new Tesla D all-wheel drive EV doesn’t mean your car can’t drive like it's from the future. A few aftermarket add-ons can upgrade your car for far less cash.

Mercedes-Benz G550 These are the 13 Worst-selling Cars of 2014

The top-selling cars and trucks always seem to grab the headlines; but what about the rest of the vehicles on the showroom floor? The ones that don't 'sell like hotcakes.'

IndyCar - closest finish 2003 Heart-stopping Last Laps of Racing (Part 2)

Join Scott and Ben as they wrap up their series on some of racing's most memorable last laps.

NASCAR Fight - 1979 Heart-stopping Last Laps of Racing (Part 1)

What are some of racing's most famous last laps? Who's won -- or lost -- the most dramatic final turns? Join Scott and Ben as they delve into some of racing's most memorable moments, from the Daytona 500 to the Spanish Grand Prix and more.

Chrysler Norseman showcar The Legendary Story of the Chrysler Norseman

You might not have heard of the Norseman, but in its time the car was lauded as a turning point in the automotive world. So what happened to this promising new vehicle, and why do some treasure hunters think they can rescue it from the murky depths of time?

Jump Start Why do batteries die in winter?

Is there any truth to the idea that car batteries tend to die in winter? Why?

1949 Honda Dream The Honda Story

How did a small bicycle customizer grow to become one of the world's most well-known engine manufacturers? Join Scott and Ben as they take a closer look at the origin of Honda in this episode.

Mazda Suitcase Car The Mazda Suitcase Car

It's true: In 1991 Mazda engineers decided to build a suitcase that transformed into a 3-wheeled car -- but that's not the world's only folding vehicle.

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