Surveillance Car Surveillance Vehicles

You've seen them in countless movies -- windowless vans with suspicious floral branding, unmarked Crown Vics loitering on street corners -- but what is a surveillance vehicle? What should it do, and what makes it useful (or useless)?

Airport Support Vehicles Airport Support Vehicles

Sure, airports are all about planes, but they're not the only amazing vehicles on the runway. In this episode Scott and Ben dive behind the scenes and under the wing to learn more about the fleets of support vehicles that make plane flights possible.

Synchronized Driving Lexus Synchronized Driving

You’ve heard of synchronized swimming – but what about synchronized driving? Tune in to learn more about the complex (and dangerous) techniques required to perform multi-car stunts, with cars often mere inches away.

Cheapest Running Car What’s your cheapest running car?

What's the least you ever paid for a running and driving car? Was it worth it? Join Scott and Ben as they recount some of the best -- and worst -- cheapest running cars.

Steinway Mercedes and Piano Cars The Steinway Mercedes and Other Piano Cars

What the heck is a piano car? Join Scott and Ben to find out the history of these unusual automobiles.

Sherp ATV What the heck is a Sherp?

With gigantic wheels and a strangely proportioned frame, the Sherp certainly isn’t your average ATV. But what makes this Russian-made vehicle different from the competition? Tune in to find out.

Gumpert Apollo The Gumpert Apollo

The Gumpert Apollo is a supercar out of Altenburg, Germany. Join Scott and Ben as they demystify this modern marvel and get down to the nuts and bolts of how it works.

International Harvester Scout The International Harvester Story

The International Harvester Company was incredibly influential in the advent of modern farming technology. Join Scott and Ben as they take a deep-dive into the company's rich history.

2008 Escape Hybrid Scott and Ben Review Their Cars

The guys talk about everything automotive-related, and this week they’re doing something a little different: reviewing their own cars. Tune in to learn more about the good, the bad, and the ugly for Scott and Ben’s vehicles.

Nuts and Bolts - 2016 - Part 2 Nuts and Bolts: The 2016 Edition (Part 2)

It's time for another installment of nuts and bolts, wherein Scott and Ben try (unsuccessfully) to squeeze in all the emails, news stories, stats and anecdotes that haven't made it into earlier episodes. Tune in to see if your letter made it to the air!

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ben-scott-with-train-280x150 Greatest Races

Scott and Ben explore the world’s most famous races, showcasing the cars, the tracks, the technology and the men and women that have made racing so exciting to watch throughout the last 100 years.

ben-scott-blue-car-280x150 The Owner’s Manual

Read about cool cars and the latest in automotive technology.

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Learn all about Scott Benjamin and Ben Bowlin.