Cadillac - 1953 Ghia 10 Strange Cars in the Petersen Museum Vault

The Petersen Automotive Museum is filled to the brim with historic and unique cars -- and that's just the stuff on display. Join Scott and Ben as they take a closer look at the Petersen Museum vault.

AC Cobra Is your exhaust sound real or digital?

Every driver knows that the sound of a car is an irreplaceable, unique part of the ride - part of its fingerprint, perhaps. But if that's the case, then why are so many manufacturers installing synthesized exhaust sounds?

Nuts and Bolts - Part 14 Nuts and Bolts (and More)

It's time for another installment of nuts and bolts, wherein Scott and Ben try (unsuccessfully) to squeeze in all the emails, news stories, stats and anecdotes that haven't made it into earlier episodes. Tune in to see if your letter made it to the air!

Maybach Exelero How is a true luxury car defined?

From Bentleys to Lincolns and more, the guys have explored all sorts of luxurious rides -- but how do we actually define the term "luxury car"? Is it cutting edge technology? A smooth ride? A high price tag?

"Furious 7" The Cars of “Furious 7″

It's no secret that the cars of The Fast and the Furious franchise are stunning -- but who picks them, and how? Recently Scott and Ben sat down with Picture Car Coordinator Dennis McCarthy, the man behind the magnificent rides of "Furious 7", to discuss how he finds, fixes and fabricates so many amazing cars.

Guilty Pleasure Cars - Hummer H1 Guilty Pleasure Cars

Whether it's a Hummer or a Mini, it seems almost every driver has a list of guilty pleasure cars -- you know, the rides you wouldn't necessarily want to be seen driving.

Garage Wall Art Garage Art

What do you put in your garage -- you know, other than a car? Inspired by a listener email, Scott and Ben take a closer look at garage art.

Cannonball Run Record Holder - Mercedes-Benz Could you drive across the U.S. in 29 hours?

It sounds crazy, but Ed Bolian and his crack driving team shot their 2004 Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG across the continent in less than 29 hours, setting the record for the Cannonball Run. So how'd they pull it off? Tune in to find out.

Road Signs Why are traffic signs that color?

Everyone knows that stop signs are red octagons -- but why? And why are traffic lights red, yellow and green? Join Scott and Ben as they explore the history of -- and psychology behind -- traffic signs.

Car Talk - Tom and Ray Magliozzi Car Talk Tribute

Both Ben and Scott spent years listening to Car Talk, one of their favorite auto shows. Join the guys as they pay homage to Car Talk in this special episode.

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