Bugatti Type 38 - Schlumpf Collection A Trainload of Bugattis

In 1964, collector Fritz Schlumpf (of France) bought 30 Bugattis -- the largest collection in the U.S. at the time -- from John W. Shakespeare (of Illinois) and had them shipped to Europe. Schlumpf reportedly carried a whip to keep curious onlookers away from the valuable cars as they arrived.

Jeep in a Swimming Pool How to Escape a Sinking Car

While it might sound like an extremely easy escape (for example, "just open the door and swim"), the real answer might not be as simple. Listen in to learn more.

Dodge Brothers The Dodge Story (Part 2)

Join Scott and Ben as they continue their discussion of the Dodge Brothers and the fascinating history behind the Dodge brand.

Dodge Brothers in the First Dodge Car - 1914 The Dodge Story (Part 1)

Where did the Dodge company come from? How did it get started, and who exactly are the Dodge brothers? Join Scott and Ben as they celebrate Dodge's 100th anniversary in this special episode.

Red Sox Bullpen Car Bullpen Cars

Sure, nowadays it sounds weird to think that professional athletes would hitch a ride across the playing field; but in their day, bullpen cars were local legends. Join Scott and Ben to learn more about the rise and fall of bullpen cars.

Uber in Beijing What the heck is Uber?

Uber is the new rival to traditional cabs – just summon an Uber car on your app and the fare automatically deducts from your account. No tipping, no crazy long wait and no hassle (in theory). So how does it work, and why do other cab companies hate it?

Elvis' Pink Cadillac The Cars of the King

And by 'King' we mean Elvis, of course. Tune in to learn all about Elvis Presley's extensive car collection.

Back to the 50s 10 of the World’s Biggest Car Shows

Sure, there are plenty of big car shows around the world, but which ones are the biggest? Tune in to find out.

Chevy Shriner Car Shriner Cars

It's tough to miss the Shriners in any parade -- their customized cars are natural attention-getters, and a great way to raise awareness of their hospital programs. But how do you get a Shriner car of your own? Listen in to learn more.

1947 Norman Timbs Special The 1947 Norman Timbs Special

With a 1948 Buick straight-eight engine, “Compound Carburetion” and dual exhausts hidden within a show-stopping, streamlined exterior, the 1947 Norman Timbs Special inspired thousands of designers across the world. Tune in to learn more about it.

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