Question Mark - 5 Scott’s Mystery Show #3

In this episode, Scott brings a surprise topic to the table: What would your non-daily driver be? You know, a utility vehicle, a high-powered exotic, the classic garage darling ... what would you choose? Tune in to see what they pick.

1968 Datsun Fairlady Hardtop The Datsun Fairlady

The Datsun Sports - also known as the Fairlady - was produced from 1959 up until 1970. This series of roadsters is often considered the predecessor to the Z-car. Join Scott and Ben as the explore the history of Datsun Sports.

1957 Rolligon Transporter - Albee What are Rolligon tires?

They've been described as gigantic watermelons attached to otherwise unremarkable vehicles, and you can even watch these tires roll over a person without harming them. But what exactly are Rolligons? Whatever happened to them?

Auto Polo What the heck is auto polo?

You know, polo: the thing with the horses and the jumped-up croquet mallets. In the early 1900s some curious car enthusiasts said "Hey, why don't we give this a go with these newfangled carriages instead of horses?" And, with that, the brutal sport known as "auto polo" was born. So whatever happened to it? Can you play today?

Mickey Thompson - 1965 The Mickey Thompson Story

Marion Lee Thompson - better known as Mickey, was an off-road and racing legend, a mechanical genius and a gifted entrepreneur. Join Scott and Ben as they explore the innovations, failures and successes of Mickey Thompson.

Smokey Yunick The Smokey Yunick Story

Mechanic, designer, visionary: it's tough to put a label on Smokey Yunick. Listen in as the guys explore his role in NASCAR, his history, and the legacy he's left to modern racing.

CNG Truck Natural Gas Trucks – Coming To A Street Near You

It's true - liquefied and compressed natural gas may soon become a mainstream fuel source for everything from garbage trucks to the local city bus. But why? Tune in to learn more with Scott and Ben.

Question Mark 4 Ben’s Mystery Show

In this episode, Ben gets revenge on Scott with a mystery show of his own. Listen in to hear how Scott holds up.

Question Mark 3 Scott’s Mystery Show

Every now and then Scott likes to mix things up by bringing in a topic that Ben knows nothing about. Tune in to hear if Ben is up to the challenge!

Hurst Safety Car Racing Support Vehicles

Although the race cars are the stars of the show, they're far from the only vehicles involved. Join the guys as they explore the roles of racing support vehicles, as well as why racing couldn't work without them.

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