Right Now in CarStuff

Up to one million cars and trucks have been damaged in the flood waters left behind by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Most will be completely scrapped, picked clean of the few remaining undamaged components (if any), and they’ll never see the road again. Others, however, will be cleaned, have the VIN switched and then be retitled for fast sale — all with no flood damage listed on a vehicle history report. Listen in as Scott and Ben tell you how to avoid buying a hurricane damaged car or truck.

Hassle Cars

Have you ever owned a car that continually made you feel anxious and unsure about the next mile due to its lack of reliability? Some cars seem to be trouble right from the start, while others become a burden later on. Join Scott and Ben as they discuss the aggravation that can result from owning an untrustworthy car.

Is your car making you sick?

Everyone knows that a dirty home or workplace can lead to allergic reactions, asthma attacks and other respiratory conditions -- but what about your auto? Join Scott and Ben as they take a closer look at the troubling, often undiagnosed cause of allergic reactions: your car.


If you’re familiar with CarStuff, then you’ll know that this is not going to be a typical minivan discussion. Join the hosts, Scott and Ben, as they take you down a few different roads that reveal some little-known facts about the history and development of the minivan.

The Reality of Exotic Car Maintenance

If you own a vehicle, you understand that there are hidden costs of ownership -- including maintenance. But have you ever considered what your maintenance bill would look like if you owned a rare exotic sports car? Join Scott and Ben for a jaw-dropping, honest and accurate look at just how expensive it is to own and maintain a Mclaren F1.

Automotive Easter Eggs

Have you ever noticed the Italian speaking spider under your fuel door or the shark in your glovebox? Those are two real-life examples of hidden, often whimsical, details that automotive designers have included in production cars. Follow along with Scott and Ben as they try to determine if their examples — and they have a lot of examples — fit the definition of a “true” automotive Easter Egg.

The 100 Best and Worst Cities to Drive in

Traffic congestion and infrastructure are only a fraction of the story. Listen in as Scott and Ben sort-out and explain a recent study of the 100 most-populated U.S. cities. Find out if your city was ranked at the top or bottom in any of the key dimensions, and then learn the overall best and worst cities for drivers.

Nuts and Bolts – August 2017

It’s all the stuff that didn’t make it into earlier CarStuff episodes along with a bunch of unusual car-related news stories, some listener mail and maybe even a few laughs along the way.

Stuff Truckers Know

The world depends on trucks (and truck drivers, of course) to deliver most of the products we use or consume daily. Trucking is a massive industry, but for those of us that have no experience in the driver’s seat of an 18-wheeler, it remains a bit mysterious, too. Join Scott and Ben as they attempt to explain why truckers do some of the things they do.

Car Title Loans

Looking for a short-term loan with extremely high interest rates plus the added worry that your vehicle will be repossessed by the lender? If so, a car title loan may be just what you’re searching for! Tune in to learn the details of this relatively new form of predatory lending.

Amphibious Vehicles

A vast number of amphibious vehicles were developed out of pure necessity, but the rest seem to be the result of talented designers and engineers with a little spare time on their hands — and the drive to create some of the most capable, interesting and fun land-and-water vehicles we’ve ever seen. Join Scott and Ben as they discuss the history, the capability and even a few standout examples of amphibious vehicles.

How Maglev Trains Work

It sounds like something straight out of science fiction -- gigantic train cars suspended inches above the ground by electromagnets, propelled hundreds of miles an hour down tracks that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. But what are maglev trains, and how does this magnetic levitation work? Listen in to learn more.

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Staying focused behind the wheel is crucial, not only for your own safety, but also for the safety of those around you. There are three types of driving distractions, and no one is immune from the dangers associated with each -- young drivers and experienced drivers alike. Join Scott and Ben as they look at what’s happening inside the brain of a distracted driver.

Are motorcycles really more dangerous than cars?

Compared with people driving cars and trucks, do motorcycle riders face a higher risk of death or injury in a crash? Find out what motorcycle manufacturers and some riding gear companies are doing to make your next two-wheeled adventure a lot safer.

Icebreakers and Ice-Strengthened Ships

These purpose-built vessels are tasked with breaking through thick ice in order to keep shipping lanes and ports open during the winter months. But they don’t break the ice the way you probably think they do – there’s a surprising twist. Tune in to hear Scott and Ben discuss the many reasons why icebreakers and ice-strengthened ships are so fascinating.

Abandoned Racetracks

You can find abandoned, forgotten and overgrown racetracks scattered across the U.S. — but only if you know where to look. Listen in as Scott and Ben reveal several lost raceways, including a little bit of racing history from each and the circumstances that led to their downfall.

The Mid Night Club

Formed in 1987 and active until 1999, the Mid Night Club took illegal street racing to a whole new level. Some say it was the golden age of Japanese car tuning. Others, like the Bōsōzoku, were just glad to see them go away. Join Scott and Ben as they delve into the clandestine adventures of the Mid Night Club, and find out why they so abruptly and completely disbanded.

How Ice Roads Work

Ice roads are more than just a clever way to truck supplies to isolated areas during the frigid winter months. In fact, ice roads have played a meaningful role in history. Join Scott and Ben as they test the ice on this somewhat unusual method of transport.

The $1,000 (or less) Good Used Car

Make no mistake: Buying any car is a serious endeavor -- and buying a good used car is an art. In a market chock-full of lemons, overpriced junkers and ticking transmission time bombs, is it really still possible to find a decent used car for under $1,000? Join Scott and Ben as they explore the tricky ins-and-outs of getting a good deal (with a few surprises along the way).

The $10 Million Enzo Ferrari

No, that $10 million isn’t the price of an Enzo Ferrari at auction. But it was (almost) the ransom for Enzo Ferrari’s corpse. Listen in as Scott and Ben discuss the bizarre common-link between Elvis Presley, Abraham Lincoln, Charlie Chaplin and now, Enzo Ferrari.