The 100 Best and Worst Cities to Drive in

Traffic congestion and infrastructure are only a fraction of the story. Listen in as Scott and Ben sort-out and explain a recent study of the 100 most-populated U.S. cities. Find out if your city was ranked at the top or bottom in any of the key dimensions, and then learn the overall best and worst cities for drivers.

How Smart Rearview Mirrors Work

What's the future of the rearview mirror? Join Scott and Ben as they explore the ins and outs of smart rearview mirrors.

What is ABS?

An Anti-lock Brake System (or ABS) can make the difference between life and death in a car accident. But how does this system work? Where did it come from, and what do you need to know about operating it on the road? Tune in to find out.

While I'm sure that we've talked about cruise control in the past, I thought we'd take just a few moments today to talk about a recent (but not necessarily new) variation of that original system -- Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC). And since it's not all-new technology, I'll just give you a quick description of how the system works...