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Hassle Cars

Have you ever owned a car that continually made you feel anxious and unsure about the next mile due to its lack of reliability? Some cars seem to be trouble right from the start, while others become a burden later on.

High Speed Stuff Wrap-up: Offshore Powerboat Racing and Rotary Engines

When it comes to the topics we choose to talk about in our High Speed Stuff podcast, Ben and I really make an effort to be as varied as possible. Just scroll through the wide-range of subjects we've covered in the past 150 episodes for proof of that. So maybe that's why I simply can't believe we haven't discussed boats -- up until this week, that is. Yes, in the past we've talked about plenty of amphibious cars, but we never dedicated a full episode strictly to boats. And I think we've jumped into the water head-first on this one...