miles per gallon

How to Calculate Fuel and Energy Consumption per 100 Miles

Last week I mentioned that I've always thought of my car's fuel usage in terms of miles per gallon (mpg). I don't think that's particularly unusual for any car owner to think that way. In fact, until recently, a car's miles per gallon rating for highway and city driving were the prominent numbers displayed on a new car's window sticker. But as more auto manufacturers begin to adopt the new fuel economy labels from the EPA, you're going to begin seeing some new metrics. One of those new...

Is Volkswagen's recent mileage claim fahrvergnügen from the truth?

So here's the scoop...Volkswagen is currently running an ad on television that touts some pretty impressive mile-per-gallon stats. The commercial features a 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Clean Diesel and if you're not paying careful attention you just may get the impression that it gets 58 miles per gallon. That's pretty remarkable, right? But is Volkswagen being deceptive?