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The Surprising History of the Crime of Jaywalking

Nearly 100 years ago the crime of “jaywalking” was created. But do you want to know the most surprising part of the story? It’s the groups responsible for getting this law on the books in the first place.

The Best and Worst States and Cities for Car Owners

We promise, this is not a rerun! Although similar to a topic we covered a few months ago, we’ve shifted our focus from driving a car to car-ownership for this latest ranking of the best and worst states and cities.

One Last Trip for the Endeavour

Have you ever seen one of those "strongman" competitions where someone pulls train cars or maybe a few city busses with a huge rope wrapped around his waist? There's no arguing that it's an impressive show of power. And, at least for me anyway, it's always a little bit comical to see someone so (relatively) small moving such a large object. It's like watching a tiny ant carrying a huge leaf. It's visually absurd. About two weeks from now there's going to be another amazing show of strength...

The Misfits of Motordom

Like most other automotive enthusiasts, I love car museums. Of course, the more cars the better, but it doesn't really matter to me if there are hundreds of cars on display or just a few. I've also found that it doesn't really matter what kind of vehicles are on display...