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Legends: Harry Miller – American Race Car Designer and Builder (Part 2)

By the start of the 1920 racing season, Harry Miller was designing and building race cars that were decades ahead of the competition in terms of engineering as well as style. Join Scott and Ben for part two of the Harry Miller story.

Legends: Harry Miller – American Race Car Designer and Builder (Part 1)

The legendary American race car designer and builder Harry Miller was known as "the greatest creative figure in the history of the American racing car." His cars and engines dominated the American oval-track racing scene for almost half a century.

Legends: Eddie Rickenbacker

Eddie Rickenbacker wasn't just a race car driver -- he was an American hero. In this episode of the Legends series, Scott and Ben follow the rise of Eddie Rickenbacker from ace pilot to legendary driver.

What's your pick for the 2013 Indianapolis 500 pace car?

Around this time of the year there's always a lot of speculation about the car that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will select to pace the Indy 500 in late May. So far, there's no news from the speedway -- and no news from any auto manufacturer either. It's all just rumors at this point. Soon enough we'll know the answer when the official announcement is made, but I thought it might be fun to see what the CarStuff audience would...

High Speed Stuff Wrap-up: The Indianapolis 500 and Dream Cars

I'm excited about this one -- really excited. Why? Well, the topics this week were a lot of fun, and I think that enthusiasm is evident when you listen to our show this week. Ben and I really did have a good time talking about these subjects over the last few days. So without further delay, here's what's happening on the High Speed Stuff podcast. On Tuesday, we finally got around to talking about my all-time favorite racing event -- the Indianapolis 500. I really can't even begin to tell you what this race means to me on a personal level. I'm a Hoosier, and I spent most of my early years...

During a ceremony held yesterday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana, the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro was announced as the Pace Car for the 93rd running of the Indianapolis 500. According to a statement made by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Camaro Pace Car will be running completely stock out in front of the 33 competitors on race day: "Powered by the 6.2-liter LS3 all-aluminum Chevy V-8, the all-new 2010 Camaro produces 426 horsepower at 5,900 rpm and 420 lb-ft of torque at 4,600 rpm. It features a Tremec six-speed manual transmission and 3.45 axle ratio. No drivetrain or suspension modifications are required to prepare the Camaro for its Pace Car duties. The only modifications to the vehicle include a fully integrated strobe system, including a GM-designed custom light bar utilizing Whelen 500 series linear strobes."