The Gumball 3000 Update

In this episode, Scott and Ben return with an update on the opulent Gumball 3000, an exclusive rally involving supercars, supermodels and international partying. Tune in to learn more about this year's race, along with some of its notable cars and drivers.

Caresto's Arkham Car: A Real-life Batmobile

The Gumball 3000 is no stranger to bizarre autos, but Caresto's Arkham car takes the cake. Learn how the custom coachmaker made a real-life, high-performance Batmobile.

Whatever happened to the Avro Arrow?

In the 1950s, the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow was on track to become the crowning jewel of the Canadian aviation industry. Yet in 1959 work on this delta-wing interceptor came to an abrupt - and surprising - halt. So what happened? Tune in as the guys explore the specs (and speculation) surrounding the Avro Arrow.

The Aerovette: The Rise and Fall of Rotary-powered Corvettes

When Chevy first began experimenting with mid-engine, rotary-powered cars, they fully intended to bring the vehicles into production. So what happened? Tune in to learn more.

The History of Rental Cars

Who sold the first rental cars? Where did the rental car business begin, and how did today's rental companies get so darn big? Learn the answers to these questions and more as Scott and Ben delve into the history of rental cars.

Surveillance Vehicles

You've seen them in countless movies -- windowless vans with suspicious floral branding, unmarked Crown Vics loitering on street corners -- but what is a surveillance vehicle? What should it do, and what makes it useful (or useless)?

Airport Support Vehicles

Sure, airports are all about planes, but they're not the only amazing vehicles on the runway. In this episode Scott and Ben dive behind the scenes and under the wing to learn more about the fleets of support vehicles that make plane flights possible.

Synchronized Driving

You've heard of synchronized swimming - but what about synchronized driving? Tune in to learn more about the complex (and dangerous) techniques required to perform multi-car stunts, with cars often mere inches away.

What's your cheapest running car?

What's the least you ever paid for a running and driving car? Was it worth it? Join Scott and Ben as they recount some of the best -- and worst -- cheapest running cars.

The Steinway Mercedes and Other Piano Cars

What the heck is a piano car? Join Scott and Ben to find out the history of these unusual automobiles.