hot rod

Outrageous 70's Hot Rods

A toilet as a driver's seat? A car built upon a 19th century funeral coach? The late 60's, and early 70's was a far-out era for custom hot rods. Listen as Scott welcomes a new voice to CarStuff, and join them on a wacky trip into a carscape that time forgot.

The Mickey Thompson Story

Marion Lee Thompson - better known as Mickey, was an off-road and racing legend, a mechanical genius and a gifted entrepreneur. Join Scott and Ben as they explore the innovations, failures and successes of Mickey Thompson.

Would you drive a hot rod station wagon?

I can already hear you whispering to yourself: "No way. Not me. I would NEVER drive a station wagon. In fact, I'd probably drive a minivan before even considering one of those fake-wood-paneled monstrosities." OK, that's a little dramatic. Back it down a bit. But then again, you're probably thinking of the boxy, underpowered and...