General Motors

The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Don’t call it a Camaro. (But the story does begin there.) Join Scott and Ben as they unravel the history of this American-made automotive icon and scrutinize a few of the behind-the-scenes characters that made the Pontiac Trans Am a reality.

10 Most Terrifying Manufacturing Defects

Cars are complex pieces of machinery, and every so often manufacturers slip up by including a component that doesn't work as intended, forcing a recall. Tune in to learn more about the most deadly automotive recalls in history.

Infographic: The U.S. Auto Industry

Several times over the past few months, I've jokingly mentioned to some of my co-workers that I was going to create an auto industry flowchart on the walls of my cubicle. I was thinking of using actual auto manufacturer emblems (pulled from a local junkyard), color-coded Post-it notes and string -- lots of string. But now, thanks to, I won't have to clutter my cubicle walls.

A question for you: What car is this 2009 Corvette ZR1 chasing?

Yesterday, my post was about the 2011 Chevy Volt and GM's outrageous (yet true) claim that the plug-in hybrid is expected to get at least 230 miles per gallon in the city. Well, today I thought we'd take a look at a car that gets just 14 miles per gallon on the city streets. And yes, just like the Volt, it's also from Chevrolet...and yes, I'm pretty confident that it's a lot more fun to drive than the Volt, too. Any guesses?

What is 230? Here's your answer...

Well, I guess the fair thing to do today is answer the mystery question from yesterday's High Speed Stuff post. I'm talking about the unexplained 230 ad campaign that left us with far more questions than it did answers. At the time, just about all anybody could figure out was that it was probably from General Motors (that took some digging, by the way), and that most guesses seemed to center around the 2011 Chevy Volt -- miles per gallon or maybe even the voltage required to charge Chevy's plug-in hybrid? Well, today we have the answer...

GM's Partnership with eBay Motors...and "What is 230?"

It's a busy time at the "new" General Motors these days. In fact, GM is trying a lot of different tactics to get people back into its showrooms. There are two separate happenings this week that I thought I'd mention -- you know, just in case you missed them in the news. Both are scheduled to hit tomorrow. The first is GM's partnership with eBay Motors, and the other...well, that will likely remain a mystery until it's revealed on Tuesday.

The Mako Shark Show Car

Design is often inspired by nature. It's called biomimicry, and I'm guessing that you've probably heard of this concept, right? Well, if you haven't, I think you'd be surprised to learn some of the interesting ways that nature has influenced the products we use each and every day. Car design is no different. In fact, one of the most legendary show car designs in automotive history was created as a direct result of a deep-sea fishing trip.

General Motors Sells Saab to Koenigsegg...and Volvo?

Louise Nordstrom of the Associated Press reported today that General Motors' Swedish brand, Saab, "was rescued Tuesday by a consortium led by Koenigsegg Automotive AB, a tiny luxury carmaker which produces only a dozen custom-made models a year." The deal is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and you can read all of the details in this press release from GM. But here's a crazy plot twist that you probably didn't see coming...

High Speed Stuff Wrap-up: Pace Cars, Television Cars - and Roger Penske to buy Saturn?

Fellow podcaster Ben Bowlin and I consistently roll two High Speed Stuff podcasts out of the HowStuffWorks garage each and every week. You can download them (for free) on iTunes whenever you choose. In fact, if you're not already a regular listener, you may want to scroll through our ever-growing list of past High Speed Stuff podcasts...

General Motors Bankruptcy: "...with regret that this path proved necessary..."

Well, it's done. General Motors has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If you're interested (and this will only take about 30 seconds to read), here's the simple, yet well-crafted statement from the GM Board of Directors. There's a great deal of hope in that short press release -- a lot of terms like "new beginning,"...