electric vehicles

Will California ban internal combustion-powered cars?

California wants to rid its roadways of all combustion engine-powered cars. But does the state really have the authority to ban the internal combustion engine? Listen in as Scott and Ben talk about California’s proposed plan to go all-electric.

Tesla Motors

There's no denying it - Tesla Motors is an auto industry success story. But how did they get their start? Why did they choose electric vehicles, and where is the company headed in the future? Listen in to learn more.

Wireless Charging Systems for Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids

Charging an electric car really isn't all that difficult; but wireless charging could make the process even easier. I can't help but wonder if some drivers are reluctant to jump on the all-electric or plug-in hybrid bandwagon simply because of the extra effort it takes to connect the car to a charging station each evening? I know that seems a little absurd, but I suppose it's possible. After all, it is an extra step that most people just aren't accustomed to...