classic cars

The Rise and Fall of the El Camino

It's a car! It's a truck! No! It's an El Camino! Listen as CarStuff crew discuss the venerable Chevy El Camino, and mull the future comeback of the light-utility pickup truck.

The duPont Registry

For 32 years the duPont Registry has been the go-to magazine for specialty automobiles and a wide assortment of luxury items.

Do you live near a "secret" car collection?

It's true: The Smithsonian has a 'secret' stash of cars from across automotive history, including rarities like Tucker, Miller race cars and more. But that's not the only show in town. Join Scott and Ben as they explore some of the world's largest secret car collections.

Dwarf Car Cruisers

Dwarf car cruisers are scaled-down classic cars built for the street. The tiny street cruisers built by Ernie Adams are still around today - but where? Tune in to learn more.

Are chrome bumpers making a comeback?

I was walking around a used car lot earlier this week (one that's filled with plenty of old Detroit iron, by the way) and I started thinking about all of the shiny chrome bumpers and hood ornaments on display in front of me. I had to wonder why chrome just simply isn't a big part of automotive styling anymore. And no, a thin strip of chrome trim around the windows doesn't count. I'm talking about full, edge-to-edge chrome bumpers on...

Today (and most likely every Friday), I'll begin posting a short wrap-up of the topics that we cover on the High Speed Stuff podcast that you can download (for free) on iTunes. Fellow podcaster Ben Bowlin and I roll two High Speed Stuff podcasts out of the garage each week. In fact, if you're not already a regular listener, you may want to scroll through the ever-building list of past High Speed Stuff podcasts once you get there -- you're bound to find something to pique your interest. So, what did we chat about this week? On Tuesday, we talked about Cuba. Specifically, we covered all of the great classic cars that remain in daily use on the island. If you don't know what I'm talking about (or even if you already do) this podcast will shed some light on why Cuba is a vintage car paradise.