The Bricklin SV-1

Sometimes called the “other” gullwing car, the Bricklin SV-1 was a Canadian-built sportscar with occupant safety as priority one. It was a short-lived experiment with production only lasting a couple of years. Of equal interest is the American businessman responsible for making the car a reality, Malcolm Bricklin.

The Return of Listener Mail

Have you written to the guys lately? Tune in ask they field listener questions and comments on everything from highways safety to mystery cars and more.

What Happened to Elvis Presley's Hearse?

No question about it: Elvis Presley was an American -- heck, an international -- icon. Tens of thousands of people attended his funeral, and for years his fans tried (in vain) to figure out what happened to his hearse. Luckily, Scott and Ben tracked down the answer.

Amazing Barn Finds: Austin, TX

After decades of slowly, anonymously rotting in a neglected complex near Austin, several vehicles worth as much as $700,000 were recently discovered -- including a 1932 Cadillac Model 370B Convertible Victoria.

The Bugatti Sale of the Century (16 photos)

Solar Roadways: Pros and Cons (with video)

I'm posting these videos for CarStuff listeners that might have listened to our recent Solar Roadways podcast. The first video is the promotional Indiegogo package that's intended to introduce the project...

Pic-Pic: The Mystery Car of the Geneva Motor Show

During the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, casual fans and experts alike were baffled by a mysterious car shuttling VIPs back and forth across the event. So what the heck is a Pic-Pic, and where did it come from? Join Ben and Scott as they break down the facts.

Do you live near a "secret" car collection?

It's true: The Smithsonian has a 'secret' stash of cars from across automotive history, including rarities like Tucker, Miller race cars and more. But that's not the only show in town. Join Scott and Ben as they explore some of the world's largest secret car collections.

The 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO (with video)