Will California ban internal combustion-powered cars?

California wants to rid its roadways of all combustion engine-powered cars. But does the state really have the authority to ban the internal combustion engine? Listen in as Scott and Ben talk about California’s proposed plan to go all-electric.

One Last Trip for the Endeavour

Have you ever seen one of those "strongman" competitions where someone pulls train cars or maybe a few city busses with a huge rope wrapped around his waist? There's no arguing that it's an impressive show of power. And, at least for me anyway, it's always a little bit comical to see someone so (relatively) small moving such a large object. It's like watching a tiny ant carrying a huge leaf. It's visually absurd. About two weeks from now there's going to be another amazing show of strength...

The Misfits of Motordom

Like most other automotive enthusiasts, I love car museums. Of course, the more cars the better, but it doesn't really matter to me if there are hundreds of cars on display or just a few. I've also found that it doesn't really matter what kind of vehicles are on display...