automotive recalls

10 Most Terrifying Manufacturing Defects

Cars are complex pieces of machinery, and every so often manufacturers slip up by including a component that doesn't work as intended, forcing a recall. Tune in to learn more about the most deadly automotive recalls in history.

High Speed Stuff Wrap-up: Automotive Recalls and Route 66

So, you're back. I suppose you're here for the lowdown on the latest High Speed Stuff podcasts, right? Well, here's what Ben and I have been talking about on iTunes this week... On Tuesday, we had a discussion about automotive recalls. You'll notice that we kept the conversation focused on automotive recalls in general, and didn't really choose to spotlight the current Toyota issues. Instead, we decided to investigate how the recall process works. After all, that's what we do, right? Anyway, we looked at everything from the initial indication of a problem right through to the point where the customer brings his or her vehicle in to the dealership service center for the actual repair.