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Ben Bowlin: Hey, Scott, as Jerry likes to say, let's do this. I want to catch you and our listeners up on an episode that we had earlier. Now, maybe you remember our earlier episode, Iconic Cars of Television or famous cars of TV.

Scott Benjamin: I do, I really enjoyed that one.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, I enjoyed that one, too, man. It was -

Scott Benjamin: It was fun. Just good memories!

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, we were both being able to be kind of, I guess, just going on fanboy mode about shows we really enjoyed. Well, I know that you've been paying a lot of attention to this; too, because man did we ever have some listener mail.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, we did get a lot of listener mail.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, part of this episode is gonna be - part of this episode, we should just jump right into it, right?

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, let's just do it because there's really a tremendous response from listeners about this and it was, as you can imagine, all of the vehicles that we missed in television that we didn't get to talk about.

Ben Bowlin: Sure, and we did miss quite a few and it's awesome that our listeners wrote in and, to show you guys we appreciate it, we've got a little list that people responded to the blog and through email, to tell us some stuff and we definitely appreciate you guys taking the time to do it. We also want to point out, especially I need to point out because I'm such a cartoon nerd, I broke the rule partly through the episode where we were supposed to go with shows where the car is a character, where the show can't happen and I did the A-Team van because I love it and, you know, Scott, I'm sorry, but I didn't kind of break the flood there.

Scott Benjamin: That's okay. We're getting a lot of those.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: As we read these, you'll find that a lot of these shows would've been okay without the car but still memorable vehicles from those shows.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, definitely notable.

Scott Benjamin: All of these lists that we're gonna read are actually really valuable.

Ben Bowlin: Well, let's give these people their due. Do you want to go first?

Scott Benjamin: You know what, I will. I've got the blog responses here because I see the blog responses. They come to me directly. And we'll keep it fast. I'll just read right through and once I'm done, you can go onto yours and then we'll talk about movie cars after that. How does that sound?

Ben Bowlin: That sounds great.

Scott Benjamin: Good. Okay. Let's start with - I've got a note from Rod, and this was all caps by the way. I don't know if Rod was yelling at me or what but all caps. He mentioned the A-Team van again but we already mentioned that I think you said. The bus on the Partridge Family.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, good call, Rod.

Scott Benjamin: That was a good one. Not a car but he mentioned the airboat on Gentle Ben. A good one. The Vista Cruiser on That 70's Show. The black van on SWAT. And this is one that was a British television show in the mid 60s I guess. From what I can understand, it's ki nd of - he called it a 007 type pink limo on Thunderbirds. It was a show called Thunderbirds.

Ben Bowlin: Thunderbirds. [Inaudible].

Scott Benjamin: And I looked at this and it's an interesting vehicle. You should check it out if you can. It's, again, a pink limo from the Thunderbirds. And then there's also - he also mentioned the bamboo car on Gilligan's Island, which I thought was funny because that made a few appearances I think and it was interesting. It was a good car but I think the show would be fine without it.

Ben Bowlin: It was a green vehicle, too, wasn't it?

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that's right, it was. Gilligan power, coconut power. Something. I don't know. And then we've got another one from the King of Town, that's what the guy calls himself, the King of Town.

Ben Bowlin: God, the internet is awesome.

Scott Benjamin: I know. And this is an animated car suggestion. He said the Homer on the Simpsons. You remember when Homer designed and built his own car. Well, he designed his own car.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, yeah. And it had the different separate section for the kids.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that's right. Yeah, it was good.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: But you know what, I'll tell you, that wasn't the only suggestion he had but that made me think about another one from the Simpsons that I love, Canyon Arrow.

Ben Bowlin: The Canyon Arrow.

Scott Benjamin: Remember Canyon Arrow?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: And the song that goes along with Canyon Arrow. That was great with the whip cracking and everything. Anyways. Smells like a steak and seats 35.

Ben Bowlin: I'm not gonna say -

Scott Benjamin: Canyon Arrow - come on. Okay. Squirrel crushing deer smacking driving machine! Okay. From Denny, Denny mentioned that there was a 1928 Porter Convertible in a series called My Mother the Car which this was in 1965. It had one series, Jerry Van Dyke.

Ben Bowlin: The brother of the more famous Van Dyke.

Scott Benjamin: That's right, yeah, this is Jerry Van Dyke and he said that, you know, it only last one season but this car was the reincarnated - his mother reincarnated. Not Denny, the character in the -

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, yeah.

Scott Benjamin: You know what I meant, right?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, okay. Yeah, sorry that we're not - we're not saying that.

Scott Benjamin: No, no, Dave Crabtree I think was the guys name on the show. Dave Crabtrees reincarnated mother was the car. Strange premise and that's why it probably only lasted a year.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, you know what; I might have to hunt that one down.

Scott Benjamin: And there was also a 1961 Plymouth Belvedere on Car 54 Where Are You which was from the early 60s. And then he also mentioned, which is not a car but the Chips motorcycles, and that's one where, you know what, the show wouldn't have been the show without those Chips motorcycles.

Ben Bowlin: Kowa - one of them was a Kawasaki?

Scott Benjamin: I think they were both Kawasaki's.

Ben Bowlin: They're both Kawasaki's.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah.

Ben Bowlin: Wow.

Scott Benjamin: And that's all I have right from the blog but I know there was a ton of email responses so you -

Ben Bowlin: Because you wrote back on a lot of these.

Scott Benjamin: I did. I wrote back - I think everyone.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, I think you did.

Scott Benjamin: I think. I tried to.

Ben Bowlin: So, let's - we'll run this down and give me your reactions on these, Scott.

Scott Benjamin: Um-hum.

Ben Bowlin: So, Ken writes in from the United Kingdom and he says what about the Pink Panther Car that opened and closed the episodes.

Scott Benjamin: Yes.

Ben Bowlin: I thought that was a good call.

Scott Benjamin: Have you seen that thing?

Ben Bowlin: I looked it up. I recognized it when I saw it but when I first read the email, I didn't know.

Scott Benjamin: It's nuts.

Ben Bowlin: It's pretty wild.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, it's a really crazy custom car.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, I thought it had to be custom. And, Ryan, from Lynchburg, Virginia writes in and says, you know, what about the switchable vehicle from Inspector Gadget. Bonus points to Ryan who pointed out that it was Cousin Daisy in Dukes of Hazard. Not the sis - she wasn't the sister, she was the cousin. Let's see. We've also got the trucks from Simon & Simon and the Fall Guy included in there, as well as firebird from Smokey and the Bandit. Did we mention that one?

Scott Benjamin: That's a movie car.

Ben Bowlin: That's a movie car.

Scott Benjamin: Movie car, we'll get to it.

Ben Bowlin: We'll get to it.

Scott Benjamin: Yep.

Ben Bowlin: And then he also has the Viper in Viper and Viper is a show, right, that he said was descended or - well, I don't think he said descended but paralleling, let's say, Knight Rider.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that's right. That was an interesting car.

Ben Bowlin: Let's see. We've got Ken from Brownfield's who writes in. He also points out My Mother the Car. He says Patrick Nee or John Steeds car from the Avengers. Patrick Mcgoohan's car from The Prisoner. He mentions the cars from Get Smart. Also the light blue Ford Fairlane in Dragnet. He says it was from 1966. Pat Brady's Nelly Bell from the Roy Rogers TV show which I've not seen.

Scott Benjamin: Is he talking about - he's talking about a wagon, right?

Ben Bowlin: You know, I have not seen Nelly Bell. I'm going to have to look into - I'm going to have to check that out.

Scott Benjamin: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot but I don't know either.

Ben Bowlin: No, no, that's cool.

Scott Benjamin: I think he's talking about a wagon.

Ben Bowlin: Roy Rogers would be so disappointed in me. And the Monkey Romp, which is the Monkey Mobile, right. And then he also says Ponch and John's motorcycles.

Scott Benjamin: Okay. We just mentioned that.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, and then he went a little bit crazy on us but I think it's kind of a good point, Jim West Train from the Wild, Wild West. Not a car but pivotable - not pivotable -

Scott Benjamin: Nice. Yeah.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, man. Pivotal, excuse me.

Scott Benjamin: Much better.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, and then Will from Corpus Christy writes in, basically to say what about Optimus Prime you guys? And that's an animated truck/robot. Of course, everybody knows that, right? And the rest of the Autobots as well deserve a shout out and also Will's on my team with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Van.

Scott Benjamin: See, you know, what, I knew this Ben because I responded to him and I said, that's a little bit past my time. I'm an old guy so I figured you would know about the Transformer and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and - I mean, I looked them up, I'll be honest, but pretty cool stuff but I didn't know about them ahead of time.

Ben Bowlin: It's pretty neat when you think about whose idea was that to sell it? It almost sounds like they took all these things they thought kids would like and tried to make a show out of those four words.

Scott Benjamin: And it worked.

Ben Bowlin: And, you know what, it worked. I don't know who the guy in the rooms was who said turtles. My kid thinks turtles are cool.

Scott Benjamin: And I think they like pizza, don't they?

Ben Bowlin: They love pizza.

Scott Benjamin: Well, there you go.

Ben Bowlin: I've got another one that's pretty interesting. Preston also wrote in and pointed out the Get Smart car. Also, Greg had the Squad 51 car from Emergency; and Andreas, I believe I'm pronouncing the name correctly, Andreas writes in from Norway and says what about El Tempo Gianti which is a tremendously popular - now, you read up on this, too.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, I did, I did. I'm chuckling a bit because I had never heard of this car before we received this email from Andreas and kind enough to send along photos and I looked at them. Very interesting car. I'll tell ya. I mean, if you've never seen it, take a look at it. It's worth checking out.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, he - Andreas tells us this is like the Wizard of Oz in Norway. When they built a - what is it, a full-size model of it?

Scott Benjamin: They eventually built a full-size model of this, yeah.

Ben Bowlin: And it was a big deal. The King of Norway showed up, right?

Scott Benjamin: To unveil the car. That's right.

Ben Bowlin: So, definitely check that one out and if you do, it's worth your time. It looks crazy.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, it's a wild machine. That's for sure.

Ben Bowlin: That's the extent - I think we maybe missed one or two but that's the extent of people writing in to tell us what about these TV cars, you know.

Scott Benjamin: Um-hum.

Ben Bowlin: And since we had such a good response - since it seems like people really like some of this, we did also have a couple people ask us questions and the question they were asking us was hey guys, what about movie cars?

Scott Benjamin: Yep, so that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna talk about movie cars today. We'll just - I guess we'll just keep it simple because it's kind of the same theory behind television cars, just notable vehicles within that program, that film in this case, and we'll just have our long list here and see what we come up. But I'm sure that - again, I'm sure listeners will come up plenty of their own ideas and we want to just state up front, please send an email to us and let us know what we've forgotten. I'm sure there will hundreds of responses literally.

Ben Bowlin: Sure. Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: And what we'll do is we'll handle it kind of the same way we just did with, you know, reading listener responses on air and oh, yeah, that was a good one. I can't believe we missed that because, you know, a lot of these we'll get out of the studio and we'll smack our foreheads and say I can't believe we didn't mention this and, you know, we'll get an email from a listener that will be sharp enough to tell us, you know, what we forgot so -

Ben Bowlin: And we literally do smack our foreheads.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, we do, we do. We're, like, oh, man, I can't believe it but - no, we appreciate people calling in and telling us what we neglected and of course, you know, they have different movie-going experiences so they see things that we haven't and we see things that they haven't. It works. So, we'll handle it in the same way, on a future podcast, and just send them in the way you did last time. We love it.

Ben Bowlin: So, in a way, this is the end of our TV cars episode and now, without further ado, the beginning of the movie cars episodes.

Scott Benjamin: The beginning of the movie car episode which will last essentially two podcasts. Yes.

Ben Bowlin: Which will also last essentially two podcasts.

Scott Benjamin: Has it already been two podcasts? It feels like it has. Let's get into our list.

Ben Bowlin: Can I start? Can I go?

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, go.

Ben Bowlin: Okay. I just want to go first because this is my favorite one. Ghostbusters car!

Scott Benjamin: Oh, you got one of the ones on my list already.

Ben Bowlin: Cut, print, I want to buy it.

Scott Benjamin: Is that right? You know what; I saw something where it's for sale. It's called the Ecto-1. You know that?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, you did know that? You probably did because you're a big fan of it, right?

Ben Bowlin: I am just enough of a nerd to know -

Scott Benjamin: I think we even mentioned the Ecto-1 when we were talking about hearses because that was one of those combination vehicles, right?

Ben Bowlin: Yes, it's a hearse ambulance.

Scott Benjamin: It is. It's a combination vehicle. It was an ambulance that also served as a hearse. It was a cool vehicle.

Ben Bowlin: Everything you need right there. You can have somebody give birth in it, you can have, you know, - okay. All right. Scott's giving me the what are you talking about face. I just - suffice it to say, I think it was an awesome car before I associated it with the Ghostbusters; now that I associate it with the Ghostbusters, it's really - I mean, I would take it over a flying car and I'm being 100 percent truthful with you.

Scott Benjamin: Agreed. I don't even have anything else to say. I agree with you.

Ben Bowlin: It matters less when you say that you would take it over a flying car. Why do you take them so much?

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, but I - the flying cars? Well, that's a -

Ben Bowlin: Okay. Okay.

Scott Benjamin: You can't even start that conversation.

Ben Bowlin: Now, now, we're all friends here.

Scott Benjamin: All right. What about the Batmobile?

Ben Bowlin: Oh, man.

Scott Benjamin: Batmobile and there's several of them now.

Ben Bowlin: Yes.

Scott Benjamin: Now, I happen to like the Keaton Edition I guess you'd call it. The long black - I'm not a huge fan of the new one but it's growing on me.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, it's more of a military vehicle.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, yeah, I really like that long, black jet-propelled with the big fins on the back and it - what is that thing, about 30 feet long?

Ben Bowlin: It's ridiculously long, yeah.

Scott Benjamin: It's an awesome car. And I know from some of the emails that it's been up for auction, the real one has been up for auction several times.

Ben Bowlin: Um-hum. But they also said it wasn't street legal, didn't they?

Scott Benjamin: Correct. Yeah, yeah.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: So, I think my response is something like it's kind of like buying a race car. You just - you know that you're going to have very limited opportunity to drive it but, man, you sure can enjoy it.

Ben Bowlin: Unless you buy a racetrack.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that's right. If you're buying the Batmobile, you might have enough money to buy your own track. That's correct.

Ben Bowlin: Next episode: How much is a racetrack?

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, and here's another one that mentioned already, the Trans Am from Smokey and The Bandit.

Ben Bowlin: Yep, yep.

Scott Benjamin: Maxwell Smart's Sunbeam Tiger which was a V8. Now, I think in the Get Smart movie they tried to find a Sunbeam Tiger to match the one that he had and found that they could only find a Sunbeam Alpine, which was a smaller version, which had a smaller engine, but they made it look like a Tiger because apparently the car is just too rare. They didn't make enough of them and a lot of people are - well, they're holding onto them.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, and a lot of - especially if you're a car collector, it's asking a heck of a lot to give your car over to a film crew.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, and I think they drove it downstairs and everything because he stole it from a display if you remember in the movie.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, yeah.

Scott Benjamin: So, -

Ben Bowlin: If I - honestly, if I owned one, I wouldn't let them use it.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, why don't you hit me with a couple because I've got a long list here.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, man, I don't want to steal from your list. I think you should go down.

Scott Benjamin: No, please. All right. All right. I'll keep going.

Ben Bowlin: I don't want to rip off -

Scott Benjamin: How about Austin Powers Shaguar?

Ben Bowlin: Ah, the Shaguar -

Scott Benjamin: The Shaguar. That's right. And it had the Union Jack painted on it, and if you remember, later they also had the corvette that had the stars and stripes painted on it and they also had a mini that had the Union Jack painted on it for Mini-Me, remember?

Ben Bowlin: Yep, yep.

Scott Benjamin: That was his vehicle. So, I don't know. Some cool cars. I enjoy those.

Ben Bowlin: That's a tiny car. Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: I like those paint jobs. Flintstones movie car.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, yeah.

Scott Benjamin: The full-size Flintstones movie car. It was a - I think - I want to say Roger Barris -

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, I was going to say -

Scott Benjamin: - created that.

Ben Bowlin: - didn't you say Roger Barris usually builds -

Scott Benjamin: He built a lot of them.

Ben Bowlin: He built quite a few of those so I would say that's not a crazy guess.

Scott Benjamin: Hmm, wild guess. Yeah. Here's one from the past. Herby the Love Bug! Actually, you know what, there was a remake of that recently, wasn't there?

Ben Bowlin: I heard there was but I have not seen yet.

Scott Benjamin: I didn't see it either. I'm thinking way back. The one that was in the 70s!

Ben Bowlin: Um-hum.

Scott Benjamin: See how old I am?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, I was just - I wasn't going to bring it up but yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah.

Ben Bowlin: Wow.

Scott Benjamin: See, I'm so old that I just fell asleep while you were talking there. I just had a little nap. Ronan, that's a good one. Have you ever seen Ronan, the movie Ronan?

Ben Bowlin: There's - wait, which one?

Scott Benjamin: Ronan?

Ben Bowlin: No.

Scott Benjamin: I'll say it again, Ronan. He drove an Audi S8 in that film and there were some intense chase scenes in that movie. It was great.

Ben Bowl in: But what year was - was that a newer or an older one?

Scott Benjamin: That was a few years ago.

Ben Bowlin: Who was in it?

Scott Benjamin: I don't know. You know what, I do know. I'll come up with the name later. I'm terrible with actor names.

Ben Bowlin: Was it Robert Dinero?

Scott Benjamin: No, it's the guy that's in the Transporter I believe and, of course -

Ben Bowlin: Oh, Jay -

Scott Benjamin: I'm opening up myself up to [inaudible] -

Ben Bowlin: See, I know his last name but I don't remember his - it's [inaudible] -

Scott Benjamin: [Inaudible] yeah, something like that. Okay. We'll get a lot of response on that.

Ben Bowlin: We will. Sorry guys.

Scott Benjamin: So, The Transporter. That's another good one. There's more cars in The Transporter.

Ben Bowlin: The Transporter is one of mine.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, it was?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, yeah.

Scott Benjamin: See, I'm blowing your list.

Ben Bowlin: No, no, that's why we're doing this.

Scott Benjamin: It seems like me reading the list. Bullet - the movie Bullet. Of course there's a super famous chase scene in that. The Mustang through the streets of San Francisco, Steve McQueen, that's the driver of the famous Bullet Mustang that - now there's a new version of the Bullet Mustang that you can buy. You know how they have the old, kind of the throwback Mustang look, there's a Bullet version of that that you can buy. Really cool paint job, just simple clean, classic look. Really nice. I saw one in my neighborhood the other day that was really cool. Oh, here's a good one. Gone in 60 Seconds.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, yeah.

Scott Benjamin: It has a ton of cars. I mean, cars all over the place but probably the most famous one is Eleanor, the Mustang. And there was a - of course there's an original and there's a new Eleanor and in the trailer for this film, I watched the trailer for the original just because I'm like that and the trailer says that there were 93 cars destroyed in 40 non-stop minutes is how it's described.

Ben Bowlin: Ninety-three.

Scott Benjamin: Ninety-three cars because it was just this crazy street chase scene where police vehicles are smacking into other cars and they're -

Ben Bowlin: That's more than a car a minute. That's more than two cars a minute.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, it's crazy. And you get a very brief glimpse of a Manta, which you don't see very many Manta vehicles around. There's a group that collects them and restores them but Mantas are awesome. If you get a chance to look up what a Manta looks like, M-A-N-T-A, Manta Mirage. It's worth looking in and there's one in th at film, in the original. Here's one that we both like, Harold and Maude.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, yeah.

Scott Benjamin: There was a Jaguar E-type hearse which was unfortunately destroyed.

Ben Bowlin: You sure?

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, they drove it off a cliff and that wasn't just in the movie, they drove it off the cliff and that was it. It was done.

Ben Bowlin: Because we talked about this, in an earlier episode we mentioned it.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, the hearse episode.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah. And there was another hearse in that vehicle too that's memorable because it was just so cool looking. It was a 1959 Cadillac Superior Hearse and, again, this is just what you think of when you think of a hearse, just a big, black long scary looking vehicle. It was really cool.

Ben Bowlin: I've got a couple.

Scott Benjamin: Good. Please. I'm wearing myself out.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, I didn't want you to get bored while you were reading. Do you have some more or am I - I don't want to -

Scott Benjamin: Oh, I've got plenty. No. Keep going.

Ben Bowlin: Okay. Just for the sake of switching it up, I'll say this but we should also make a point about this. Guys, we're not ignoring the James Bond cars. There are just so many. The evolution of Aston Martin in many ways has been tied with the Bond franchise and he's not always driving Aston Martins. We're still working out - so, let us know what you think. We're still working out the idea of maybe a Bond Car episode but we do know that James Bond cars are important.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, yeah.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Yep, and the gadgets involved.

Ben Bowlin: And the gadgets involved -

Scott Benjamin: Because don't push that button.

Ben Bowlin: Don't.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah.

Ben Bowlin: Geez, whatever you do, don't push that button.

Scott Benjamin: And you know the button I'm talking about, right?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Okay. Well, go ahead.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, okay. I just - you know, while I'm in front of the microphone, I just want to point out that I thought Fast and Furious was awesome because of the cars -

Scott Benjamin: Oh, very good.

Ben Bowlin: - and The Tokyo Drift which I have yet to attempt.

Scott Benjamin: Tokyo Drift, really, cool.

Ben Bowlin: Tokyo - do you know what that is?

Scott Benjamin: You know what -

Ben Bowlin: Drifting your car.

Scott Benjamin: I do but I didn't - you stung me on that one.

Ben Bowlin: There's a movie that's just entirely about that.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, I know what drifting is but - okay. Well, that makes sense.

Ben Bowlin: All right. Okay.

Scott Benjamin: That's a good one. The Fast and Furious, I actually had to cross it off my list because it was there.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, sorry, man.

Scott Benjamin: That's okay. No, those are good cars though. They're really cool. Not only did they have the imports but there was also the American muscle car there. The -

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Vin Diesel. Is that the guy?

Ben Bowlin: That's the one.

Scott Benjamin: I'm so bad with actor names that I don't even know who the main stars are in some of these films.

Ben Bowlin: You know what, you and I are both really bad so it's - we're doing fine though. Birds of a feather!

Scott Benjamin: I think we are.

Ben Bowlin: What do you have?

Scott Benjamin: So far I don't hear the crowd saying anything so we're good. Oh, here's a big one. The Delorean Time Machine in Back to the Future!

Ben Bowlin: Oh, you took my ace in the whole.

Scott Benjamin: Did I really? Yeah, that's one that came to me late last night. I was thinking what, you know, what iconic cars - because we've talked - Delorean was an Irish car, did you know that?

Ben Bowlin: I did not know that.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, it was made in Ireland. Not - yeah, I don't think many people know that really! I actually didn't know that until maybe about a year ago. I just never considered that it was built anywhere outside the U.S. I don't know why.

Ben Bowlin: It seems like such a U.S. car.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, their - you know, the places that are remanufacturing them now, I want to say it's in the southwest, I'm thinking Texas but maybe not. I just thought it was - because, you know, it was operated by a guy that came from GM. So, anyways, we're getting way off track here.

Ben Bowlin: [Inaudible] interesting though - while we're doing this tangent thing, interesting rumor and I hopefully will just put this on the public record so we can back and check on this. Okay. It's - I have heard of rumors abounding that Delorean's, when they were scraped, were actually, because they were so heavy, were actually used as anchors for some ships. Now, I don't have any confirmation of this. I'm just saying I want to check. It's worth our time to find out if it's true.

Scott Benjamin: Oh my gosh. Well, somebody needs to write in about that but I think I know the answer.

Ben Bowlin: And the answer is no way.

Scott Benjamin: No, I don't think so.

Ben Bowlin: I don't think so. I want to hear it.

Scott Benjamin: No, I wouldn't think so.

Ben Bowlin: Okay. You're right though. Tangent. I'm sorry.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that was good. That's good. How about the Blues Brother car, the police car that Jake and Elwood Blues drove!

Ben Bowlin: Good call.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that was awesome. Beat up car but - oh, and all the police cars that they smashed in that chase scene. I wish I had the number in front of me but there were -

Ben Bowlin: Oh man, yeah, there was -

Scott Benjamin: It was, like, 100 plus cars that they destroyed.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, it was definitely - 100 plus cars were destroyed?

Scott Benjamin: I would guess. I mean, see, I'm making this up. I always make it up as I go.

Ben Bowlin: They were hitting a lot of cars.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, I mean, do you remember the scene where they're on the freeway and they're just one after the other, piling on top of each other, they're driving off the edge onto each other and like just a giant pile of police cars.

Ben Bowlin: I mean, they know how to make a movie.

Scott Benjamin: It was great. That mall scene there?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that was fun.

Ben Bowlin: I mean, we can't ruin it for anybody that hasn't seen it.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, yeah, okay. Here's a good one. And this -

Ben Bowlin: All right.

Scott Benjamin: The Ferrari in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, man.

Scott Benjamin: Do you remember that?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: How could you forget?

Ben Bowlin: It was his friends' dad's car.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, he drove it right through - Cameron, wasn't it? Cameron's dads' car. It was a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California and they accidently drove it through the plate-glass window into the ditch. You remember that?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, when they were trying to run it backwards.

Scott Benjamin: Trying to get the mileage off.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, man. I don't even feel like we're spoiling Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Scott Benjamin: No, no, that's so old. It's been on cable so many times.

Ben Bowlin: I still watch it though. When it comes on, I still watch it.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, I do. I can't stop myself. Mostly for that car.

Ben Bowlin: Really?

Scott Benjamin: Seriously. I really enjoy watching that. It's a good film. Animal House.

Ben Bowlin: Animal House.

Scott Benjamin: Animal House.

Ben Bowlin: Wow, taking it back.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, I really am. Maybe I should've saved that one for the end. There was a 1964 Lincoln Continental in that film that was - I thought this was interesting. This car was shown in the film before it was available to the public even. I don't know if it was given to them or what or purchased early or I don't know how that works really with the film industry, but the film was prior to that and it wasn't - I'm sorry, it wasn't available on dealer lots at that point yet so kind of a sneak peek at what the Lincoln Continental looked like. And, if you remember, they turned that vehicle into the parade float that they used. It was the fraternities parade float and then the float, I guess disguise came off of it, and it was the death mobile, remember that, that they had welded together? Do you remember it was like a tank-looking type vehicle? Really cool.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, I vaguely remember. It's been a while since I saw Animal House.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, yeah, check out the death mobile. That's - the death mobile. That's awesome from Animal House. I almost bought a small model of that when I was at a flea market one time and I should've picked it up.

Ben Bowlin: You should've.

Scott Benjamin: But I didn't.

Ben Bowlin: Jerry would've loved that.

Scott Benjamin: I know. It would've been fun.

Ben Bowlin: We could've set it up here in the studio.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, and there was also another car in there that was kind of iconic I guess. It was a 1959 Corvette that was Otters car. And, you know, pristine version of a '59 Corvette.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, can you imagine having one of those?

Scott Benjamin: Oh, yeah, I can. I would love it. I really would. It'd be exciting to me to have something like that in my garage. It really would.

Ben Bowlin: Let's see. What - oh, no, I had a good one but I forgot it but I do remember - I didn't see it in our emails. One of our listeners wrote in and when our listener pointed out Optimus Prime, which a couple people did, this guy also pointed out Bumble Bee, which if you've seen the new Transformers or if you're familiar with it.

Scott Benjamin: No, I'm not.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, okay.

Scott Benjamin: I'm shaking my head like yeah, I know, I know but, you know what, I actually do know about Bumble Bee because that's making the rounds in the blogs and things like that because it's such a big deal right now. The new version of Transformer Movie 2, I guess.

Ben Bowlin: You know, Scott, I don't want you to be disappointed in me man, but I'm running - I think I might be tapped out.

Scott Benjamin: That's okay. You know, I've got about three or four more and then we're done.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, you're saving me.

Scott Benjamin: Thankfully, I'm looking at the stop watch. The Starsky and Hutch, the Gran Torino, the Ford.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, yes.

Scott Benjamin: Okay. Starsky and Hutch, it's a movie also. It was not just a TV series. We mentioned it in TV cars; I'm also going to mention it in the movie cars because it's an awesome car and I like the outtakes at the end where they smash up several of them. Make some mistakes. They leave in the clips of them tearing the front bumper off the car where they slide into the spot.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah. Okay. I'll watch the end.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, check it out. Watch for the outtakes. Okay.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, you know, not to interrupt but as we were saying with Gran Torino, the Addams Family also - series went to movie series and had it - I think at least Uncle Fester had a car.

Scott Benjamin: That's a good one because the Munsters, the Adams Family, they had some outstanding cars and the Addams Family, that was a film, right?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, yeah.

Scott Benjamin: That's the one you just mentioned. Not the Munster's, right?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, I just mentioned Addam's Family.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, well - oh, that's where Cousin It also had the Messerschmittin the film.

Ben Bowlin: Yes, yes.

Scott Benjamin: So, we were unsure about the television series but we can say with certainty that he drove a Messerschmitt.

Ben Bowlin: Definitely.

Scott Benjamin: Okay.

Ben Bowlin: 110 percent. Messerschmitt.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, boy, 110 percent. Now here's one that maybe no one has heard of, sadly though, because I really enjoyed this. I'm turning red again. It's a movie called the Last Chase.

Ben Bowlin: The Last Chase.

Scott Benjamin: The Last Chase. It was in 1981 and it had Lee Majors in it. And here's the idea in this and tell me if this sounds nuts but here's the plot summary.

Ben Bowlin: Okay.

Scott Benjamin: The government has forced everyone to recycle and use electric cars and an ex-race car driver uses his race car to drive across country to the land of the free, which is California. So, he's on this mission to get from wherever he is to drive all the way to this free area, which is California. So, this is an extremely tight, strict government agency that said no more personal vehicles and he's being chased the entire time by a sabor jet driven - or flown by Burgess Meredith. If you know who Burgess Meredith is, the trainer in Rocky I guess.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, that's crazy.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, I know it is. And Lee Majors is driving this really - I'm just going to say it, Ben, this is a bad ass Porsche. This is a 917 - of course this is a race car, it's a 917 which is really cool and he had to figure out a way to siphon the last little bit of gas out of these remaining gas stations across the United States so he's making his way from gas station to gas station pulling the remaining fuel out of the tank that's there that no one else could get. So, he's fueling his race car with this fuel that he siphons out but all the while being chased by Burgess Meredith in a saber jet. I can't even say it without laughing but -

Ben Bowlin: It just seems weird. Honestly, I'm going to Google it. Are you sure you're not making this up?

Scott Benjamin: I love it because you get to see a race car on regular streets, on the roads, and I'll tell you, this is one of my - it's kind of like one of my fantasies to be able to drive a race car on regular roads with no traffic around, nobody on the roads because he's the only one that has a car. So, it's flat out as fast as you want to go but you still get the - you don't have the limited scenery of a race track. You've got - you know, you're going across country. So, I always get these kind of, like, last man living type of fantasies where it's like just deserted cities and you kind of do what you want, drive what you want, as fast as you want it.

Ben Bowlin: Post apocalypse kind of stuff.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, yeah.

Ben Bowlin: Which brings us to the Road Warrior?

Scott Benjamin: Oh, very good. Very good.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Very good.

Ben Bowlin: I think a couple of our listeners thought I was going to forget that. Push backspace on the email.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, those are some awesome cars, too.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, here's another good one.

Ben Bowlin: All right.

Scott Benjamin: Loaded with cars. The Cannonball Run movie cars. Remember the movie The Cannonball Run?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Especially any scene that had the Lamborghini Countach in it. At the time, - well, I shouldn't say it was new but still a striking car. Even know, still a great car.

Ben Bowlin: But there were a lot of cars.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, there were a lot more than that. I'll tell ya. And the cast was unbelievable. They had everybody in that film so that's a good film. I enjoyed it. Cannonball Run. I'm sure, looking back now, it would be really cheesy and kind of -

Ben Bowlin: Oh, don't look back.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, I know.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, oh, and you know what, another one, Emilio Estevez, whatever his name was in the film, The Repo Man.

Scott Benjamin: Repo Man?

Ben Bowlin: Do you know - are you familiar with that?

Scott Benjamin: Sorry, I didn't see that.

Ben Bowlin: It's all about this guy who is repossessing vehicles, which we have talked about in earlier podcasts, and he is looking for this vehicle that has a very, very strange thing in the trunk so it's all about him trying to find this vehicle. So, in a very real way, the repo man wouldn't work without the man and yeah, I've got one more but it's such a bad -

Scott Benjamin: You know what, I've only got one more, too, so have at it.

Ben Bowlin: Yours is better than mine so I'll go first.

Scott Benjamin: Okay. That's fine.

Ben Bowlin: Okay. You get final word on this one. In Big Trouble in Little China, one of my favorite movies, it has Kurt Russell. The whole story only takes place because his truck is stolen. That's the reason he gets involved so it begins and it ends with this truck.

Scott Benjamin: That makes sense. That's a good one.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, thank you. All right. What have you got?

Scott Benjamin: Last vehicle, this is a famous one, Christine. Do you remember Christine?

Ben Bowlin: Yes, I can't believe I forgot Christine.

Scott Benjamin: Ah, yeah, we'll end it on Christine because that was a - it was a 1958 Plymouth Fiery that had the ability to fix itself and it was a John Carpenter film, a horror film, and if - I don't know, check it out. It's a good one. I mean, if you're a fan of that era vehicle and scary films as well.

Ben Bowlin: And it's also a jealous vehicle.

Scott Benjamin: It is. Yeah, very jealous.

Ben Bowlin: Well, Scott, we said this was going to be one of the short ones when we started off.

Scott Benjamin: No, we didn't say that. We never say that.

Ben Bowlin: We never ever say that. Well, I guess to our - are we good?

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, I've extended, you know, past my list here even. I've added a few even.

Ben Bowlin: Well, to our listeners, again, you guys thanks for writing in about TV cars. We know we probably missed a lot of movies so if you have the time and the inclination, please feel free to send us an email about any movie cars that you remember at high speed stuff at

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