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Ben Bolin: Hello, Scott and welcome to this sequel.

Scott Benjamin: The sequel?

Ben Bolin: Yes, let's introduce each other real quick.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, I like the sequel, though. That's good.

Ben Bolin: You like how we're starting with this?

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, sure. Okay well, let me start.

Ben Bolin: Okay.

Scott Benjamin: I'm here with Ben.

Ben Bolin: And I'm here with Scott. Scott Benjamin that is, the auto editor of And today, we're gonna do something a little different. We had an earlier podcast about movie cars, iconic cars of film.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, got a great response, didn't we?

Ben Bolin: We did. We did, and thank goodness that we have a lot of great listeners who like cars and I would assume movies as much as we do because you guys really had our back on this. We knew going into it that we were gonna miss quite a few. So Scott and I put our heads together and paid attention to the e-mail, and this episode, really is all about you guys. It's all about the cars that we missed that you pointed out.

Scott Benjamin: That's right. And I wanna add one thing here because no matter how many we mention today and the ones we mentioned in the previous podcast - we've also done television cars; these are movie cars - no matter how many we mention, there's gonna be million more. So we probably can't do another - I would say never, but I don't know. Maybe we've had enough of the movie cars for a while, so we'll try to get through all these and I know this will spawn another round of, "Hey, you forgot this; I can't believe you forgot this," but we'll try to get to them. We may not be able to answer every single piece of e-mail that comes in about them because we're getting literally 100 e-mails about movie cars. And everybody's got their own series of cars that they like or enjoy. So it's difficult for us to get to them. We're trying to today, and that's why we're doing this. It's a good way for us to get everybody's out there and all the suggestions. Hopefully - the idea is that it'll make you think about some great movies of the past or cars in those movies that you enjoyed.

Ben Bolin: And you might be surprised to see how many other people agree with you if you wrote in.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that's true. There's a lot of duplication in here and you have to bear with that that there's a few that - let's say that several people mention one particular vehicle. That's just because it was a popular movie, and for whatever reason, Ben and I just forgot about that one during our podcast because we got as many as we could, but you can never hit them all.

Ben Bolin: And we're such fan boys too, Scott. I think in our last show, what we were doing is brining up a car and then talking about how cool we thought it was.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that's true. We didn't really go through a fast, long list or anything. We did a little more discussion about each one, which was fun.

Ben Bolin: So High Speed Stuff fans and listeners, thanks so much. We're gonna go through some of the mail that you wrote us so that you can help us point out to the rest of the High Speed Stuff group the movie cars, the iconic cars.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, let's go through them just rapid fire. Moving quick; go ahead and start.

Ben Bolin: Let's switch off. You want me to start?

Scott Benjamin: I want you to start.

Ben Bolin: Okay, so Garreth in Devon writes to us and says, "What about" - or he says, "There's some you might have missed such as Grease Lightning, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the car from the Mad Max movies. I think those are all three homeruns."

Scott Benjamin: Good point. Mad Max movies are awesome. Also, there was - let's see - Steve sent it from his iPhone. He said that he wanted to add the 1970 Dodge Challenger RT from Vanishing Point and said that that was recently resurrected in the Tarantino movie, Death Proof, which was - oh, I'm sorry. That was the - yeah, that's right.

Ben Bolin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah.

Ben Bolin: That's - good call, Steve.

Scott Benjamin: That's a good one.

Ben Bolin: All right, and now we're gonna go with a little bit of a longer one.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, with no name, I believe. No name.

Ben Bolin: Uh-oh, I think I may have lost your name here, but this is such a good list. Okay, here we go, Scott. I'm not gonna do the micro machine voice, but I'm gonna try to go quickly.

Scott Benjamin: Okay, good.

Ben Bolin: All right? The 1962 Ferrari GTO and a 1967 Ford Mustang in Vanilla Sky; and the 1966 Thunderbird in Thelma & Louise.

Scott Benjamin: Good one.

Ben Bolin: Good call. Yeah. Death Race and Death Race 2000; the Gumball Rally from 1976 had a lot of cars: the AC Cobra, the Ferrari, the Porsche 911, the Mercedes 300SL, the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow; American Graffiti: the '32 Ford, '55 Chevy and '58 Chevy; Mad Max's 1973 Ford Falcon and the cars from the Joshua Tree: Corvette Summer, the 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood Series.

Scott Benjamin: Corvette Summer; I forgot about Corvette Summer.

Ben Bolin: We - I forgot about Mad Max, man.

Scott Benjamin: Okay.

Ben Bolin: And yes, the Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special from Driving Miss Daisy; Charlie's Angels Full Throttle had a Ferrari Enzo from 2003 and 250GT California, the 1950 Mercury and Cobra; the Ferrari 575M Marnello in Bad Boys II. And he said it wasn't that great of a movie, but he loved the chase scenes.

Scott Benjamin: That's a good list.

Ben Bolin: Yeah. Oh, well, just a couple more: Yellow Ferrari F355 in The Rock, the Maserati Merak - is that right, Merak?

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, close enough.

Ben Bolin: From Scarface. Thanks. The Torpedo Tiger in Tucker: The Man and His Dream.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, Tucker, how could we not mention Tucker?

Ben Bolin: Hey, that's what -

Scott Benjamin: It's all about the car.

Ben Bolin: Yeah, it's all about - well, we've got great listeners. And custom motorcycles in Easy Rider.

Scott Benjamin: Oh yeah, very good. That's a good one. All right, then also, there's another one without another - another list here - or another name rather. The cars in the film, The Great Race from 1965.

Ben Bolin: Oh man, we have a podcast about The Great Race.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, we do. There's also a 1918 Cadillac which has question marks next to it: not sure. And that's a confusing one there. Okay, anyways, that was a - I'll move on. I'll go to the next one from Ryan. Ryan has a pretty good list here. Let me see. Yeah, there's a "Few worthy mention the bus from Speed."

Ben Bolin: Oh, good call.

Scott Benjamin: We totally missed the bus from Speed; the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang one more time; the flubber tired on The AbsentMinded Professor; the Viper in Wanted. I'm not familiar with that one. RoboCop: the police car.

Ben Bolin: I had that as a toy.

Scott Benjamin: Did you?

Ben Bolin: Yeah, not the real one; the toy.

Scott Benjamin: Admission here: I've never seen RoboCop.

Ben Bolin: Ah well.

Scott Benjamin: Okay, the Chevy Lumina stockcar in Days of Thunder: that one comes up later. Some people mentioned Days of Thunder; the Desi and Lucy Airstream in The Long, Long Trailer. That was a good one. I remember that. That's funny. And the racecar from Speed Racer, of course.

Ben Bolin: That's a cool one.

Scott Benjamin: The Mach 5.

Ben Bolin: And Preston, who can't wait for the Bond Show, writes in to say there's a black XKE in the John Wayne film, Brannigan and he thinks it's one of the sexiest cars ever produced. Then there's the -

Scott Benjamin: [Laughing] Sorry, I'm laughing about that. That's funny.

Ben Bolin: Hey, we're not making this up.

Scott Benjamin: No, it's good.

Ben Bolin: And The Wagging Queen Family Truckster in Vacation and the Winnebago in Spaceballs. And he said, "They're not really cars, but hey, what about all the trucks in Convoy?" Good point.

Scott Benjamin: Good point. And I love that song, by the way. When I was a kid I knew all the words.

Ben Bolin: C.W. McCall? I had a convoy -

Scott Benjamin: What's the small records, 45s; is that right?

Ben Bolin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: I had a 45 of Convoy and I would sing along with it with the headphones on when I was a little kid.

Ben Bolin: It's -

Scott Benjamin: 1970s.

Ben Bolin: It's so lame: I have the Greatest Hits of C.W. McCall, which has "Convoy" and "Convoy Two."

Scott Benjamin: I'm gonna - you know that I'm now gonna have to look that up online and listen to it today at some point.

Ben Bolin: Oh, there goes the lunch break.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah.

Ben Bolin: "So what about the car at the end of Grease and all the cars in American Graffiti?"

Scott Benjamin: All the cars in American Graffiti: another popular one. All right, there's another one here from Corey from Augusta, Georgia: the pooch mobile from the movie Dumb & Dumber with Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels. That one gets another mention later, too. We'll hear that again, but that was a good one. A lot of people said they like that. It says they also had - mentions a sweet Ferrari, but I think it was a Lamborghini. I remember that scene. And then, of course, the cars from Grease and I think that was it from that one. That's another good one. Oh, go to the next one.

Ben Bolin: Should I go?

Scott Benjamin: Sure.

Ben Bolin: So what about the - someone else writes in to say, "The car from Dumb & Dumber again, you know, the dog on wheels."

Scott Benjamin: The dog on wheels.

Ben Bolin: Yeah. And now this fellow wrote in - oh, we're missing a lot of names here, but this was really interesting to both of us. He says, "I'm going to tell you about the absolute best car film ever made. It's neither Norwegian nor American, but French. The movie is called Taxi, made in 1998. It's a shame you can't send us clips from the film, but it puts all of the other great car movies to shame, including Fast and Furious and Gone in 60 Seconds. I keep hearing from people that you Americans don't like text-in movies, but you guys must see this one. You won't regret it." So apparently, we should check out the French movie, Taxi if we are car fans. And let's see, "It's got the most awesome car chases you'll ever see in [inaudible] traffic. Even when it looks like they're driving 130 miles per hour, it's because they are. This is before CGI."

Scott Benjamin: Awesome.

Ben Bolin: Yeah, we'll check that one out.

Scott Benjamin: I've actually watched a clip of that and it's decent. It's funny. The guy's trying to get the other guy to the airport, I believe, in time and the car kinda transforms: wings appear and it's interesting. Just take a look for clips online of this and you'll see what I mean.

Ben Bolin: That sounds - yeah, it sounds like it's worth the time.

Scott Benjamin: All right, I got another one here from Will from Corpus Christie and -

Ben Bolin: Will's written to us before.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, Will has. Yeah, and he mentioned the Death Race cars. And I'm scanning the e-mail here for this and Jason Statham from The Transporter and The Italian Job, the new one.

Ben Bolin: That's a good point.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, good cars in those movies. That's about it, I guess.

Ben Bolin: Do you wanna do the next one?

Scott Benjamin: Do the next one?

Ben Bolin: Yeah, the one from Rich?

Scott Benjamin: Is this a long list; is that why?

Ben Bolin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, okay. Yeah, I'll do this long list from Rich. It begins with these movie cars - let's see; he's got a whole bunch of them here. The 1968 film, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang once again; also, 1971 which is - there's a movie called Duel which was directed by Steven Spielberg. And I've seen a description of this one that's like - it says that this is his jaws for the road because the truck is just really this evil thing. It's really kind of cool. I've seen the clips and the trailer for this that's online. It's really cool. So check that out. Again, it's called Duel and it features a big semi, menacing semi, I should say. And then there's Grease or Grease Lightning which was a 1948 Ford Convertible from 1978; in 1978 again, Convoy mentioned again. Rubber ducks - here we go, Rubber Duck's Mac RS700L complete with rocket fuel and an angry duck that replaced the bulldog.

Ben Bolin: You guys are so awesome. I can't believe people, aside from the two of us, know about and remember Convoy.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that was good. That was funny. American Graffiti from 1973: all the hotrods, of course. It mentions here that that was Harrison Ford and George Lucas' first time to work together. 1982: the light cycles from Tron.

Ben Bolin: Oh yeah.

Scott Benjamin: That's pretty cool. I remember that. Also, again, National Lampoon's Vacation: the Wagging Queen Family Truckster. I loved that car, by the way, too. That was funny. In 1986, the movie called The Wraith, which was - he calls it "A terrible B movie based around a vengeful ghost driving a custom magical super car.

Ben Bolin: Oh yes.

Scott Benjamin: I looked up The Wraith for another listener e-mail. We'll talk about The Wraith in a moment. I know what vehicle that is. Also, there was a movie called Death Race in 1975 and 2008 with a lot of custom cars and - anyway, it's Stallone, a Stallone movie. And then in 2007, Grindhouse, which was Death Proof and - what's the other one? Death Proof -

Ben Bolin: Oh, Death Proof - Grindhouse had two movies, but only one of them was car centered.

Scott Benjamin: Got it; okay, which was Death Proof.

Ben Bolin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Okay, with the 1970 Chevy Nova which was - is it Stuntman Mike; is that his name?

Ben Bolin: Yes, I believe it is.

Scott Benjamin: Okay. That was a good movie. That's about it for that.

Ben Bolin: That's good; yeah. And -

Scott Benjamin: That was from Rich, right?

Ben Bolin: That was from Rich, yeah.

Scott Benjamin: From New York.

Ben Bolin: And let's see. Also, I don't remember if this one made it in. I think somebody - either somebody wrote in or somebody told me in person about another Kurt Russell movie, Big Trouble in Little China and his truck because that's what starts the whole thing going, the whole plot. But Adam wrote in to also say that he couldn't help but notice that we'd left out Corvette Summer starring none other than Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame.

Scott Benjamin: Have you ever seen Corvette Summer, Ben?

Ben Bolin: I have not. I have not seen it yet.

Scott Benjamin: It's pretty fun - it's terribly dated at this point, but that car is pretty wild in that it's a really custom Corvette that the guy's trying to get back. And I think you'd like to see the car if nothing else, but that movie's something else. It's interesting.

Ben Bolin: I'll check it out there. I'm looking forward to it. Now it wasn't just e-mails that we had.

Scott Benjamin: No, we had some responses to - because you know I do a blog as well. And at the end of the week, I'll do a blog wrap-up on Friday - or rather, a podcast wrap-up on Friday. And we mention what we talk about during the week here. And so I mentioned the movie car podcast and that spawned some responses as well. I've got four here that came from the blog and I'll just read through them quickly.

Ben Bolin: Sure.

Scott Benjamin: Some lists are longer than others. Preston, from Athens, Alabama wrote in with - well, he also had a long list of television cars, but this is the movie cars: Herbie the Love Bug, Cruella de Vil's Panther De Ville from - I think it was from 101 Dalmatians, right?

Ben Bolin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: So the animated car, I believe. Unless - there was a real - there was a -

Ben Bolin: There was - there was a live action 101 Dalmatians, but I'm old school. I just watch the cartoon.

Scott Benjamin: Me too. Cool car; he's right. Then also, there's The Green Hornet's Black Beauty and I think we mentioned that one. I'm not entirely sure, but I -

Ben Bolin: We may have touched on it.

Scott Benjamin: I know that I've - I've seen the Black Beauty in person. They were auctioning the car at the time.

Ben Bolin: Yeah, we may have mentioned it in another podcast.

Scott Benjamin: I believe there's a new movie coming out with - it will feature this vehicle, this - the Black Beauty.

Ben Bolin: Cool.

Scott Benjamin: With the Green Hornet as well. Now here's one from someone that calls himself Rory's Dad.

Ben Bolin: All right.

Scott Benjamin: Rory's Dad: Michael J. Fox's 1959 Volvo in The Frighteners; the Chrysler rental car in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I think that was K-car. I think it was. Looking back, I'm pretty sure it was.

Ben Bolin: Yeah?

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that was a good one.

Ben Bolin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Totally destroyed; you remember that?

Ben Bolin: Um-hum.

Scott Benjamin: Absolutely destroyed. Then there was the mid-1970s Mercury Marquis from Uncle Buck; the one that he called the beast.

Ben Bolin: No way.

Scott Benjamin: With John Candy.

Ben Bolin: I did not see an Uncle Buck reference coming.

Scott Benjamin: I miss John Candy.

Ben Bolin: Yeah, he was good.

Scott Benjamin: I really do. I miss everything he does. He was good. The tanker truck in Steven Spielberg's The Duel from 1971. Again, that's the second mention of that one at least; maybe a third mention. I don't know, but I'm gonna check that one out.

Ben Bolin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: I like the idea of this. And apparently, you never see the truck driver. You never - it's real evil. It's a menacing thing. All you see is maybe his arm sticking out of the window like on the side. And they say you never see the driver.

Ben Bolin: That's pretty menacing.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah. You're making fun of me now.

Ben Bolin: No, I'm not making fun of you.

Scott Benjamin: Okay. Again, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the bus in Speed and then one more mention of the dog grooming van in Dumb & Dumber. I like that one too with the flapping ears.

Ben Bolin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: And I think - didn't he have to lift up the leg to add the fuel?

Ben Bolin: Yeah, you have to - it looks like it's peeing when you put in the fuel.

Scott Benjamin: That is such a - that was fantastic. It mentions the Deuce Coupe in American Graffiti and of course, the Days of Thunder cars. And that was the end of Rory's Dad's list.

Ben Bolin: That's a pretty good list, Rory's Dad.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, that was a good list. And then someone who really didn't leave a name, but I think it was Net Bug - he actually sent a link to 50 great movies cars from a site called Rotten Tomatoes and that's a pretty good list.

Ben Bolin: Cool.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, I enjoyed that list. I went through the whole thing. It was really interes ting.

Ben Bolin: Rotten Tomatoes is a very - I would say there are very good film websites.

Scott Benjamin: Oh yeah. A couple that I might have mentioned from that list actually that I spotted - and these are really not from the list, but he gave me that list of 50. In the movie, The Big Lebowski - do you remember The Big Lebowski?

Ben Bolin: Yes.

Scott Benjamin: The dude's Grand Torino. He had a -

Ben Bolin: Oh, he did.

Scott Benjamin: He had a 1973 Grand Torino and that was Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. That was a funny movie. I loved that one. Actually, I could watch that over and over again.

Ben Bolin: That's - yeah. That's a pretty good classic.

Scott Benjamin: And they made a good point that that car really fit him just like Uncle Buck's car fit him. And then he also mentioned - Net Bug also mentioned the Bad Boys I and II cars which were pretty awesome. They had some good chase scenes in there. And again, The Duel truck; another one for The Duel, so that's at least three, maybe four for The Duel truck. And last one here and then we're done with our movie car list: Paul from Alberta, Canada, he mentioned again, the move, The Wraith and I said that'd I - and he didn't know what it was. He didn't know what the vehicle was, so I did a little digging to find out what that was. So I got an answer for Paul as well. It was a - it's called a turbo interceptor, which is a Dodge M4S concept car. And it was made as a pace car for Sprint Car Competition. So it's a - kind of a - it's like a million-and-a-half dollar super car thing at the time. Now you're talking 1986, so it doesn't necessarily look all that modern right now, but it was a pretty cool car. And I believe it's in a museum at this point, but again, it was a pace car for Sprint Car Competition and it was just a one-of-a-kind concept vehicle that they used for this movie. And it was a high dollar car. So again, it's a Dodge M4S concept car.

Ben Bolin: So it seems like -

Scott Benjamin: And that - oh, that was in the movie, The Wraith.

Ben Bolin: That was in The Wraith.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah.

Ben Bolin: It seems like our big winners here are a little bit surprising. We've got Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Death Race, The Duel and Dumb & Dumber got - all received multiple mentions.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, you're right. I was surprised that I didn't see more Herbie The Love Bug from people because - unless - maybe we did mention that. I don't know. Looking back, we had so many that it's tough to remember what we did and didn't recall.

Ben Bolin: And guys, we know that we took a little while to come back and read all these e-mails and we were super excited about this. So we wanted to hold off as long as we could to make sure that everybody got a chance.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah, because these were filtering in even until just a few days ago. So we got to a point where we figured it's kind of trickled off or it's stopped at this point. So we figure that we've got everybody's listed here. And if we missed yours, I apologize, but we had a long list of cars and vehicles - or people to get through rather. So we really appreciate it. Thank you for writing in.

Ben Bolin: Yeah, thank you so much. We're always very excited to receive any e-mail because who doesn't like getting mail, right?

Scott Benjamin: Of course.

Ben Bolin: Yeah, and again, we just very much appreciate you as our listeners. Thanks for being part of the show. If you have any suggestions, if you have any questions or comments, as always, please send us an e-mail at hi

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