10 Great Sports Cars

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Scott Benjamin: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Car Stuff. I'm Scott Benjamin, the auto editor here at www.HowStuffWorks.com.

Ben Bowlin: And I'm Ben, Ben Bowlin, that is. I am - oh, wait. I'm fumbling.

Scott Benjamin: That's kind of like Bond, James Bond.

Ben Bowlin: I should do that. I write some videos, and of course, the best part of my week is hanging out when we get to record some of these, especially this episode. We're talking right now about ten great sports cars.

Scott Benjamin: Yes.

Ben Bowlin: Not the greatest. We don't want to open that door.

Scott Benjamin: No. This is not a top ten with a number-one definitive greatest car ever.

Ben Bowlin: Right. That was too tough.

Scott Benjamin: There's no way. We tried - what did we try? We tried something like this before.

Ben Bowlin: Did we do muscle cars?

Scott Benjamin: Favorite cars, I think.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah. Iconic cars was one. Then top ten favorite cars.

Scott Benjamin: This is ten great sports cars. Please don't argue with our ten picks. Just add to them, maybe. That's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for people's choice picks.

Ben Bowlin: That's what we want. I'm just going to go ahead and say in the beginning that I totally cheated when we did our ten favorite cars and picked the car I already own as No. 1. As you know, that car may as well be my girlfriend or something.

Scott Benjamin: But your car's not a sports car.

Ben Bowlin: I know. So I'm not going to bring it up.

Scott Benjamin: Okay. I was kind of worried about that. I thought you might say, "It's sporty."

Ben Bowlin: No. Are you kidding?

Scott Benjamin: I'm looking at this, and I'm going back to a note we had from the muscle car episode that we did a long time ago. Do you remember that I went to a site called www.MuscleCarClub.com, and I got something that we called the strict definition of a muscle car.

Ben Bowlin: Yes.

Scott Benjamin: And it was very specific. Do you remember that?

Ben Bowlin: It was very specific.

Scott Benjamin: It eliminated a lot of cars that I thought were muscle cars that the called either a full-size car, or a pony car. They called some a luxury car because of the cost. Others were considered sports cars. Very few were actually muscle cars. The one on the list, they've got kind of a lengthy list here. There's really one standout her e. A lot of people associate this with the muscle car, but it's a sports car. It's the Chevrolet Corvette. Because it had two seats, because it had a fiberglass body, and because of the price, that's why it's a sports car!

Ben Bowlin: And not a muscle car.

Scott Benjamin: I don't know if I need to read the strict definition of muscle car, but the two-seat sports cars are what we're talking about here. It mentions the Corvette and the Ford Thunderbird, which were not considered muscle cars due to the high price and specialty nature of the car itself. So high price, kind of a specialty type vehicle, but two seats! That's another thing. Remember, muscle cars had four seats.

Ben Bowlin: Is a Corvette one of your great ones?

Scott Benjamin: A Corvette is one of my great ones. What we're doing here is we've got ten what we consider to be great sports cars. I gotta admit, Ben, that I've got a list of honorable mentions again.

Ben Bowlin: Good. You should do that. I was going partway through this, and I thought what I would do is have you do your list first. Then I'll come in with some of my picks. I get the feeling that we have some duplication.

Scott Benjamin: We might. I bet we do. I know that some of these you don't have, but I'll tell you what. I'll go through my list of ten. Then do you want the honorable mentions? Do you want to do that? Or wait until later? We'll wait until after your list.

Ben Bowlin: We'll see. We'll play it out.

Scott Benjamin: We're talking this through on air. Isn't that fun?

Ben Bowlin: I think other people are enjoying this, hopefully.

Scott Benjamin: Probably. Other people are turning the dial. Here's the list.

Ben Bowlin: They're waiting to hear their cars.

Scott Benjamin: Not too much detail about these as we go through, but a list of ten in no particular order.

Ben Bowlin: Okay. Not to weird you out or make you anxious, but can I reserve the right to veto?

Scott Benjamin: You can. You can say anything you like about these cars. No. 10. I won't even say "No. 10." I'll just go through ten here. How about that?

Ben Bowlin: All right.

Scott Benjamin: Ferrari Enzo. Do you want to see a picture?

Ben Bowlin: Yes.

Scott Benjamin: Gorgeous.

Ben Bowlin: It's a heck of a car.

Scott Benjamin: Six-hundred-sixty horsepower, V12 engine. There were 400 made. Why not?

Ben Bowlin: What's not to like?

Scott Benjamin: Why would you not like that car? Next one?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Dodge Viper SRT 10. This is how quick we're going to go through these.

Ben Bowlin: Oh, man.

Scott Benjamin: Dodge Viper SRT 10. All right? This is one that I've had the privilege of driving one of these.

Ben Bowlin: Really?

Scott Benjamin: Actually, several of these through the years when I worked at Chrysler, going from the 450 horsepower version of the original all the way through to, I believe it was a 2010 version that had 650 or something like that.

Ben Bowlin: Wow.

Scott Benjamin: The site I'm looking at here, I found this particular image from, says that driving one, you're convince the car is crazy and intent on killing you.

Ben Bowlin: That's great. Is that how it felt?

Scott Benjamin: I swear this car is absolutely brutal to drive. It's nothing but horsepower, torque, and it's madness. It's crazy. It's everything you want in a sports car. It's loud. It's big. It's incredible.

Ben Bowlin: How's it corner?

Scott Benjamin: Awesome. It sticks right to the ground. Make sure you have warm tires, because if you don't, that's a very expensive wreck, and that happens an awful lot. Next one. Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. I'm talking about the newest one, the 2009. There were others in history. There was another one. What was it, the '90s? Somewhere in the '90s they remade it?

Ben Bowlin: Reissued the Corvette?

Scott Benjamin: Then they had a 01 from prior to that as well. I think a ZL1. ZL1 is an engine package in the '60s. Anyways, the 2009 ZR1, which you know our friend, Jeremy Clarkson!

Ben Bowlin: Um hm.

Scott Benjamin: Top Gear. I call him our friend, but he doesn't have any idea who -

Ben Bowlin: Jeremy is cool.

Scott Benjamin: He's a great guy. Anyway, he declared the ZR1 the 2009 performance car of the year. There's a guy that hates American cars, and he's saying it's the performance car of the year. Not bad, huh?

Ben Bowlin: That certainly says something about the vehicle.

Scott Benjamin: You know what? I can't remember if it was this morning or yesterday morning. I saw a ZR1 on the road. I only saw it for a second from behind. It was three cars in front of me, and I was in another lane. It was only the second one I've seen on the road, ever. It was a black one.

Ben Bowlin: Wow.

Scott Benjamin: I know. Crazy.

Ben Bowlin: Where was it?

Scott Benjamin: It was in Roswell, Georgia.

Ben Bowlin: There are a lot of nice cars in that area, to be honest with you.

Scott Benjamin: I guess so, but it's the first time I had spotted that one. The other one I'd seen was in Marietta, also a black car. I don't know if it was the same one or not. It could be. Anyway.

Ben Bowlin: What's next?

Scott Benjamin: Brief sighting. Ford GT40 Merck 1. This is going way back.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah. I didn't see that one coming.

Scott Benjamin: The reason is - and this is kind of a cheat on my part, because there were only 31 street cars ever made, so the GT40, it was just so they could go racing.

Ben Bowlin: So does it count?

Scott Benjamin: As a street car. It's a sports car.

Ben Bowlin: It was on the street?

Scott Benjamin: Thirty-one people own these.

Ben Bowlin: All 31 are still around?

Scott Benjamin: I don't know about that. Probably not, and probably museum pieces anyway. I know it's the most expensive Ford in history, if that says anything.

Ben Bowlin: Nice. How much was it?

Scott Benjamin: Not much. It was $16,250.00.

Ben Bowlin: I bet in today's money, that's -

Scott Benjamin: Oh, yeah. In today's money. When you look at the new Ford GT, that thing's like $140,000.00, but their entry-level car. That's what they're going. They're comparing $16,250.00 to the entry-level Ford of today.

Ben Bowlin: I see.

Scott Benjamin: The GT40 was 15 times the price of the entry-level Ford car.

Ben Bowlin: Wow.

Scott Benjamin: I don't know what the entry-level Ford price is right now, but the GT40 is not 15 times - I'm sorry - The GT is not 15 times the price of that car.

Ben Bowlin: So proportions are different.

Scott Benjamin: Yes. The proportion is way off. This was an expensive car at the time, but beautiful. Beautiful car. Here's one. MG Midget.

Ben Bowlin: Man!

Scott Benjamin: Really?

Ben Bowlin: Yes.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, no, Ben, I'm sorry. I'm taking your whole list.

Ben Bowlin: No, it's totally fine. We just have similar tastes.

Scott Benjamin: From '61 to '79 I had a Midget for a while. I had a '66. It had four different engines, although the last one was a Triumph engine, a 1493, a 948 to 1098, which mine had. Then later mine had a 1275. Good car. It weighed only a little more than 1,500 pounds.

Ben Bowlin: My dad had a Midget.

Scott Benjamin: Did he? I didn't know that.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Did you get the privilege of driving it?

Ben Bowlin: No. I feel kind of bad, because I'm pretty sure that having children is what made him have to give it up, you know?

Scott Benjamin: I gave up my CRX.

Ben Bowlin: Not a family car, neither of those.

Scott Benjamin: I had to get rid of mine because it didn't have a back seat.

Ben Bowlin: That's a hazard. You can't just strap family members to the top.

Scott Benjamin: You can. Did you ever see "Vacation"?

Ben Bowlin: What's next?

Scott Benjamin: You got it. I know. I'm not going to read this one, because I know you've this one, so I'm going to let it go. My list is now nine.

Ben Bowlin: Wait.

Scott Benjamin: Don't worry about it. I know it's on your list. Also, a Lamborghini Countach, but you probably have that, but I have to talk about this one.

Ben Bowlin: Okay. Let's talk about this one.

Scott Benjamin: This is one of my favorites of all time. When you look back at what it was, it was really groundbreaking at the time. I've talked about this in the past, about how much I loved this car, the way it looks.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: It had a V12, but get this. The zero to 60 time was only five and a half seconds, which is relatively quick. It still feels quick, but that's no super car performance. Now you're talking super cars are in the three second range.

Ben Bowlin: Do you have a picture of this?

Scott Benjamin: I do.

Ben Bowlin: I just love the angles.

Scott Benjamin: Our picture doesn't have the big wing on the back, which I love, the big spoiler, but Yeah. The 25th anniversary edition is especially my favorite. It's the one that, to me, is everything a car should be.

Ben Bowlin: I wonder. This is for the listeners, too. We talked about this. I was one of those countless young men who had a big old poster of the Countach.

Scott Benjamin: A real long poster, right?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah. I was a kid too. I wasn't going to be able to drive it.

Scott Benjamin: No. It's $150,000.00. That was back in the '80s. That's an expensive car.

Ben Bowlin: It is, and when you take in total cost of ownership and all that.

Scott Benjamin: Gosh, yeah.

Ben Bowlin: But I'm sidetracking us. Awesome car.

Scott Benjamin: I've got three left here.

Ben Bowlin: Break it down.

Scott Benjamin: Acura NSX.

Ben Bowlin: Nice one.

Scott Benjamin: One of my all-time favorites also. This one has been around since 1990. They've quit making them recently, very recently. It was a car that was designed to exceed Ferrari performance of the day, and it did that. What model? The Ferrari 328, and then later the 348 was what it was meant to exceed, but with Honda reliability.

Ben Bowlin: It was their Ferrari killer.

Scott Benjamin: I say Honda, but it was badged and sold as an Acura here in the United States, but it was a Honda elsewhere. I believe in Asia it was sold as a Honda vehicle. Incredible car! I still see a lot of these on the road. They still turn my head every time I see it. There was one in the building for a while. Somebody used to park in the lower level of the deck that had a red NSX, and it's since gone. I haven't seen it in months. I used to like to just slowly walk by and take a look inside that thing. It was really cool. It was nothing creepy, Ben. I liked to check it out because it's a good-looking car. It still is. The prices, even as a used car, holy cow! This is a 20-year-old sports car from 1990. Still in the $30,000.00 range for a 1990. That's the beginning of these things. Later, as you get up in age, they get up to the $60,000.00, $70,000.00, and $80,000.00 mark for a nice version.

Ben Bowlin: Don't worry, buddy. As soon as my career of some sort takes off - I'll have to figure out something - as soon as my professional karaoke career takes off, I'm going to buy you one of those.

Scott Benjamin: Okay. I'll hold my breath.

Ben Bowlin: Okay.

Scott Benjamin: Next one, Porsche 911. I'm not just talking about the newest one here. I'm talking about 911s from decades past.

Ben Bowlin: You're talking about the line.

Scott Benjamin: Exactly. I love this car. I didn't know this, but it has the second oldest nameplate in continuous production since the Corvette, according to this article I read.

Ben Bowlin: Wow.

Scott Benjamin: I know. I had no idea.

Ben Bowlin: I had no idea. What's next?

Scott Benjamin: It's a cool car. I like that. I've got a little more to say about that one later, but it's one that I really love.

Ben Bowlin: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fast forward you.

Scott Benjamin: That's all right. I'm onto my last one here, my last pick. Then you give your list, and I'll do some honorary mentions, because I've got some oldies but goodies again.

Ben Bowlin: We'll do a roll call.

Scott Benjamin: Ariel Atom. Is that on your list?

Ben Bowlin: That is not on my list, Scott.

Scott Benjamin: It's a pure sports car, is what I'll call it, because it has that exoskeleton. There's no doors. There's no body. There's no anything, really.

Ben Bowlin: There's like kind of a windshield.

Scott Benjamin: There's a bump in front of the steering wheel.

Ben Bowlin: That's about it.

Scott Benjamin: I suppose you could get a windshield at this point if you wanted to.

Ben Bowlin: Why would you?

Scott Benjamin: Why would you? You're probably -

Ben Bowlin: You should be wearing a helmet in the first place.

Scott Benjamin: That's exactly my point. You're probably going to be wearing a helmet. This thing weighs 1,005 pounds. If you have a two-liter Honda inline four cylinder engine, you can get it in 300 horsepower super charged in this little, tiny car that weighs 1,000 pounds. I don't know. They say it's the third fastest accelerating car in the world behind only the Buggati Veyron and the SSC Ultimate Aero. Can you imagine that? And cost wise, you can pick up a used Ariel Atom now for, I'm going to say ballpark, $50,000.00, which is not a lot of money when you consider the performance involved in this type of vehicle. I know it's a lot of money still.

Ben Bowlin: But the weight to power.

Scott Benjamin: It's incredible.

Ben Bowlin: The weight to power is crazy.

Scott Benjamin: It's got to be a lot of fun. I've seen videos of people driving these things. They look like a blast to drive. There's an infamous video of the Top Gear crew driving this thing, where his face is all distorted because of the wind, very funny, but it shows the raw power in this car. It looks like a lot of fun to drive.

Ben Bowlin: Ba-da-boo-da-bee. For listeners, to explain that noise, I was grabbing my cheeks and trying to do a bad impersonation of the Top Gear guy.

Scott Benjamin: Do it again.

Ben Bowlin: Ba-da-boo-da-bee. This is slow motion because I can't do the fast one. It's like ba-da-boo-da-bee. He's doing his mouth like this. This is pointless. They can't see.

Scott Benjamin: You've seen somebody point a leaf blower at their face. Or it's skydiving.

Ben Bowlin: Skydiving is the best example.

Scott Benjamin: When they've got their cheeks blowing way back, and they've got their teeth out. It looks like a skeleton set of teeth there.

Ben Bowlin: Yes, or just a very, very excited person. This is kind of a funny story.

Scott Benjamin: I feel bad. I've taken a lot of yours.

Ben Bowlin: No, this is perfect because I don't want to rehash too many. I did the list the Lotus Elise. It's so light for what it does.

Scott Benjamin: I love that car.

Ben Bowlin: It's under a ton, and it still outperforms.

Scott Benjamin: If you go to the Lotus dealer in town here, you will see my nose print on every Lotus in the lot.

Ben Bowlin: We already did Ford GT. This is funny. The weird coincidence, I went to a website called www.RideLust.com. They had the 50 best sports cars, and it was weird because his list is in order on this website from like 50 to 1 behind the best, the be-all, end-all. It was weird because so many of my favorite cars were in there, but they weren't very high on the list, which is why I'm glad we're not assigning value.

Scott Benjamin: So none of yours were in the top ten of his list.

Ben Bowlin: None. I wasn't going to write him an email. I also want to give a shout out to -

Scott Benjamin: You could've started it out with, "You know what really burns my fanny?"

Ben Bowlin: Yeah. "What really gets my goat?"

Scott Benjamin: While you're shaking your cane.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah. I should hobble in and call him "young man." Also, you mentioned before, love the Bugatti Veyron.

Scott Benjamin: Yes.

Ben Bowlin: I prefer it to the SSC Aero. I know that when we come down to speed, when it gets down to speed, the Aero outperforms. The Bugatti, to me, seems a little bit classier.

Scott Benjamin: Oh, definitely.

Ben Bowlin: It's more like a luxury vehicle that is also this - it's this demonic sports car disguised as a luxury vehicle. You know what it is? It's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Scott Benjamin: Definitely.

Ben Bowlin: I like that.

Scott Benjamin: You know what? Still looks like a wolf.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, it still does.

Scott Benjamin: It's pretty awesome inside. It's pretty plush. I'll say that.

Ben Bowlin: You could take your mom in that one.

Scott Benjamin: Exactly. It's plush, but try to cram mom into the SSC Ultimate Aero.

Ben Bowlin: And have her still talk to you later? We'll see.

Scott Benjamin: "I broke my hip."

Ben Bowlin: I also had the Countach. I did also want to list the Aston Martin.

Scott Benjamin: Very good.

Ben Bowlin: Specifically the DB5.

Scott Benjamin: Okay, very good. You're talking James Bond.

Ben Bowlin: I am talking James Bond to you. You're speaking my language.

Scott Benjamin: And old-school James Bond.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: That's not the new one.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah. I've got a little picture here if you want to see it.

Scott Benjamin: That's it. Beautiful.

Ben Bowlin: U.K. listeners, don't get mad at me when I say this. It is a sports car. There's something so reasonable and British about it, though. It makes me feel like if I was in that car, I would be very respectable, and a huge James Bond fan. I already said the Countach.

Scott Benjamin: I've already cherry-picked your list.

Ben Bowlin: It's okay. I also said the NSX. I do want to give a shout out to Audi.

Scott Benjamin: Yeah. Which one?

Ben Bowlin: R8. I like that one specifically.

Scott Benjamin: Nice one.

Ben Bowlin: Again, it's so weird. None of the ones that I really like made it even in this guy's top 15.

Scott Benjamin: R8's not on the list. That's relatively new, especially the V10 version. Okay.

Ben Bowlin: A little bit about it. It's a 2007 is when it came out. Let's see. They've got a couple different engine things. Originally people didn't really care.

Scott Benjamin: Well, it's based on the Lamborghini. How could you not appreciate that? Plus a quarto system from Audio!

Ben Bowlin: Yes, the all-wheel drive.

Scott Benjamin: Ouch. But it's very nice.

Ben Bowlin: Very nice.

Scott Benjamin: There are a couple here in town, and they're gorgeous.

Ben Bowlin: You've seen them?

Scott Benjamin: Just a couple. Very few!

Ben Bowlin: I feel like they're like Bigfoot or something.

Scott Benjamin: That's kind of the way it is. When you see them, it's a head turner.

Ben Bowlin: I tried to trap one. I'm just kidding. In addition to being illegal, that is also not real. I've never tried to trap a sports car. Oh my god. Rescue me. Go to honorable mentions.

Scott Benjamin: Honorable mentions. How could I not mention the Cobra, Shelby Cobra, or the AC Bristol, the original stuff?

Ben Bowlin: I'm going with the Cobra.

Scott Benjamin: Beautiful. Beautiful car. Gumpert Apollo. You ever heard of the Gumpert Apollo?

Ben Bowlin: I have. Wow.

Scott Benjamin: There was some talk about this one recently. It's an Audi V8 engine. It's a mid-engine car, twin turbo. Again, high horsepower car!

Ben Bowlin: What brought that to mind?

Scott Benjamin: I love this car. You know Chris?

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, Chris from Tech Stuff?

Scott Benjamin: He and I talk about cars, and this is one we had a little email back and forth about, the Gumpert Apollo. It broke news recently. I think it may be like a Nurburing trial or something like that that was going on. They were trying to top the record for the ring. It's just an interesting car, so we had some email with some photos back and forth with interesting facts, and "Would you buy it? Would you not?" and that type of thing. Fantasy talk type of stuff.

Ben Bowlin: We're always asking that question.

Scott Benjamin: Here's one you might not know. I'm going to show you a picture of it. It's a 1967 to '69 Alfa Romeo Tipo 332 Stadale. There's a photo.

Ben Bowlin: I feel like I've seen that car before, but I don't know the name. The model is unfamiliar.

Scott Benjamin: It's very rare. Only 18 of them were ever made, and that was just so they could go racing in it.

Ben Bowlin: Just like the Ford.

Scott Benjamin: Just like the GT Ford. Again, this is like a three quarters of a million car, but it's beautiful.

Ben Bowlin: You know what it is, Scott? I have not seen that car before, but I've seen a similar headlight design.

Scott Benjamin: This look an awful lot like a Ferrari. There are types of Ferraris that look a lot like this, several different types. Now I've got another quick - I'm going to list off some names, and that's about it.

Ben Bowlin: Okay.

Scott Benjamin: Then I promise I'm done.

Ben Bowlin: I promise not to interrupt you.

Scott Benjamin: We said ten great sports cars, didn't we? This is a lot more than ten.

Ben Bowlin: Well, we're not a math podcast.

Scott Benjamin: You're right. Maybe it is ten. I don't know.

Ben Bowlin: Let's just call it "Some Great Sports Cars."

Scott Benjamin: How about the '63 split back window Corvette Stingray? Beautiful.

Ben Bowlin: How about that?

Scott Benjamin: Really, I'm going to say any Corvette. No, you know what? I'm not going to say any Corvette. I'm going to say most Corvettes. There were some years there when they kind of went weak on the horsepower, weak on the torque, steel crunch type of stuff, but they held on, and that was important. I'm going to say not any Corvette, but most of the Corvettes are probably in my pick. Any Ferrari, because it's a Ferrari Any Lamborghini.

Ben Bowlin: Yep. When it comes to these models, even when they were making tractors, I'd be happy with a tractor.

Scott Benjamin: That's right. The Porsche tractor! The Ferrari tractor - no, the Lamborghini. I'm going to say any Bugatti, any recent Bugatti. I'm going to go back as far as three decades of Bugatti. Jaguar E type. I love that car.

Ben Bowlin: Why did I not mention that?

Scott Benjamin: I don't know. That's a great car.

Ben Bowlin: I can't believe we got this far without mentioning a Jaguar at all.

Scott Benjamin: I believe that was in my top ten list of all-time favorites a long time ago. Some of these are doubling up on that. How about the Nissan GTR? Gorgeous car.

Ben Bowlin: Nice one.

Scott Benjamin: Skyline is what they call them sometimes. What's so funny?

Ben Bowlin: Nothing.

Scott Benjamin: My little offhanded comments? Lotus 11. I'll stick with any Lotus, really, but the 11 is my favorite. That may have been my number-one pick. I don't remember if it was.

Ben Bowlin: It was either your number-one, or your number-two. I remember at the last minute you switched.

Scott Benjamin: I probably did. Lotus 11 might be my number-one. How about the '54 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing!

Ben Bowlin: Really? I got admit, man, you're surprising me with some of these.

Scott Benjamin: That's an iconic car right there.

Ben Bowlin: That is.

Scott Benjamin: The Gullwing style is coming back now. They're in very limited release of the new Gullwing vehicle. That's a several hundred-thousand-dollar vehicle that Mercedes is selling. Gorgeous vehicle.

Ben Bowlin: When can I get that Gullwing design on a car that I can afford? You know?

Scott Benjamin: With the Mercedes badges and everything?

Ben Bowlin: I want a Gullwing Corolla.

Scott Benjamin: How about the Saleen S7? You know what those look like? Super car.

Ben Bowlin: Yes.

Scott Benjamin: Seven-hundred fifty horsepower, turbo engine. How could we not mention that? That's a little bit older. I don't think they're still making those. I could be wrong. These are not the Mustang version of the Saleen. I'm talking about the Saleen which is like a super car.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah, and it's pretty much customize.

Scott Benjamin: Beautiful car.

Ben Bowlin: I'm pretty sure they're not making them.

Scott Benjamin: I've seen exactly one ever, and it was in Detroit during the time of the Woodward Dream Cruise. It was near there, and it was out during a rainstorm. It was a heavy, heavy rainstorm, and it was headed back to wherever it was coming from.

Ben Bowlin: Could you see it very well?

Scott Benjamin: You know what? Yeah, I could. It was on the road with me. I was on Maple Road. That was a shout out to Detroit there. It was Maple Road in Birmingham. Anyway. I think I'm going to mention the Dotson Nissan Z cars, all of them. From way back when, the 260 Z, the 240 Z, 280 Z, all those all the way up to the 370.

Ben Bowlin: Out of these we've named, which one would you drive if you could only drive one?

Scott Benjamin: If I could only drive one. Daily?

Ben Bowlin: Daily. It's your daily driver.

Scott Benjamin: Let's see. I'm checking this off as impractical. Daily driver, I might go with the Lotus Elise, but it would be the siege version of the Lotus Elise, you know, the top-end siege.

Ben Bowlin: The nice one. I'm not saying the Lotus -

Scott Benjamin: It's practical. It's a sports car that is phenomenal that you could drive every day.

Ben Bowlin: Good point.

Scott Benjamin: If you can take the ride. So, Ben, what would you drive?

Ben Bowlin: I would drive, without a doubt, and I don't care who has a problem with it. I would drive the Bugatti Veyron. I would probably have a relatively short life. I don't know if I'm responsible enough to handle it.

Scott Benjamin: You know what else you'd need? I think you'd need someone to walk ahead of you, and knock all of the speed bumps out of the way.

Ben Bowlin: That's true. I would probably just need to move out to the salt flats.

Scott Benjamin: Maybe. You'd also need to have somebody at every curbside. I guess you would in a Lotus too. You'd have to have somebody directing you in so you don't tear off the front spoiler.

Ben Bowlin: You know what, man? Who knows if I would even get out of the dealer's lot?

Scott Benjamin: That's a good choice though.

Ben Bowlin: I love it.

Scott Benjamin: For only $2.2 million, or whatever it is. You'd want the convertible, right?

Ben Bowlin: Well, Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: Okay, $2.2 million.

Ben Bowlin: What, am I just not going to get the convertible? Do you like how I was offended by that?

Scott Benjamin: What a sensible choice.

Ben Bowlin: If you guys would like make a contribution to our conversation here, I hope we hear about some of your favorite sports cars, the ones you think are the greatest, if not your favorites.

Scott Benjamin: Just great ones. Not the greatest.

Ben Bowlin: Yeah.

Scott Benjamin: That's a slippery slope.

Ben Bowlin: Everybody has an opinion. This is subjective. Hit us up on our Facebook page, CarStuff, our Twitter account, CarStuffHSW. Scott's got an awesome blog. While you're on his awesome blog, you should check out our website, www.HowStuffWorks.com, where we have all kinds of information about all things automotive related. On the off chance that you do not see what you're looking for -

Scott Benjamin: It won't happen.

Ben Bowlin: It probably won't happen, but if it does happen, we're really sorry, and we want to make it up to you.

Scott Benjamin: I guess it could happen.

Ben Bowlin: It's in the realm of possibility.

Scott Benjamin: Unlikely, but it might.

Ben Bowlin: Stay calm. Here's what you do. Stay calm, and open up your internet stuff, and send us an email with your question at -

Scott Benjamin: CarStuff@HowStuffWorks.com.

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