Yardbird Park Jets (with video)

Scott Benjamin

The Yardbird RC F-15 Park Jet Courtesy of yardbirdrc via YouTube

Ever since we recorded our RC Aircraft podcast, I've been completely obsessed with the idea of building and flying a model airplane as a new hobby. After looking around online and browsing the shelves at a few local hobby shops, I've decided that I really like these Yardbird RC Park Jets.

I'm a beginner, so I'm not looking for a full-on, turbine-powered model jet (that's definitely for advanced RC pilots, and someone with deep, deep pockets); however, I would like to build and fly a park jet -- a prop-driven, carbon fiber-reinforced foam, pusher jet that's a lot easier for a beginner to control, a fun project to work on at home (you buy it, you build it) and a relatively inexpensive way to get into the hobby.

Here's a quick example of a Yardbird RC F-15 park jet in-flight:

How high can one of these park jets fly? Watch as the flyer (and the soccer field he's standing in) quickly disappears in this amazing vertical climb demo:

And you can build a park jet in just about 5 minutes! Well ... in a 5-minute time-lapse video, anyway: