What is the ideal car for the city?

Scott Benjamin

If you had to deal with traffic like this everyday, which car would you choose to drive? (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

As I drove from the suburbs into the city early this morning, I had a little time to ponder another car question. I was wondering how my choice of vehicle would be affected by where I live. The car I drive seems perfect for my current needs, but what if I moved into the city?

Now, I understand that a lot of city dwellers decide that it's unnecessary or just too difficult to own a car and they choose to use public transportation. Good for them, but I really don't think I could ever give up my own personal transportation. I'm pretty sure I'd go crazy within a month. So, for the sake of this question, let's just say that you're like me and you simply must own a car. What car would you choose if you lived in the city?

Is the ideal city car a fully electric vehicle with a relatively low driving range (like the Nissan Leaf) or is it a hybrid car (like the Toyota Prius or Ford Fusion Hybrid) that can (mostly) operate on all-electric power around the city, yet still has a gas burning engine to provide the long distance driving range for occasional day trips? Or do you think the ideal car for the city is a very small, highly efficient car (like the smart fortwo, for example) that you can easily park and maneuver almost anywhere -- even though it doesn't make use of electric power, but rather a gas-sipping engine that provides good driving range? There are hundreds of options and the ideal choice is different for everyone, of course, but I'm interested to hear what you think.

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