The Hot Wheels Radar Gun

Scott Benjamin

Carson Lev, of Hot Wheels, shows the Twin Mill to students at a permanent Hot Wheels exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, Calif. The Twin Mill is the first model from the toy manufacturer to be made into a full size car. (AP Photo/

Did you ever stumble upon a gadget (or a toy) that you feel you should have known about much, much sooner than when you finally discovered it? Well, that's exactly what happened to me earlier this morning as I was wandering around on Automobile Magazine's Web site. If only they would have had this when I was a kid...

I'll just lay it right out there for you: Hot Wheels makes a radar gun. That's right. An honest-to-goodness, fully functional, tells-exactly-how-fast-stuff-is -going radar gun. Not only that, you can switch it between full scale (1:1) and Hot Wheels scale (1:64) along with a digital speed readout that can be displayed in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour. So, not only can you get an accurate scale speed of the cars zipping around on that Hot Wheels race track you just set up on the living room floor, but, since it's battery-powered, you can also take it outside and determine just how fast you can ride your skateboard down the big hill. Or maybe you could finally find out which one of your friends can pitch a baseball the fastest or exactly how fast your dog can run -- as long as you can't pitch and your dog can't run more than 100 miles per hour, that is, 'cause that's the upper limit of the 1:1 setting.

Now here's the shocking news (at least it was for me, anyway): The Hot Wheels radar gun has been on the market for at least a couple of years. I guess I just haven't been watching the new toy news as carefully as I should have been. Automobile Magazine has the price listed at $35, but then again, that was over two years ago. A recent search on (thank you, TechStuff blogger, Chris Pollette!) shows a higher price range for the gadget with examples selling from $39.90 up to $99.99.

So, does the fact that I'm just now discovering this cool "new" toy bother me? Not one bit. In fact, I've already added the Hot Wheels radar gun to my list for Santa.

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