The Bugatti Sale of the Century (16 photos)

Scott Benjamin

Bugatti Type 35B -- Cité de l 'Automobile, Mulhouse, France Creative Commons/Flickr/ Helena

I thought I'd post this to go along with our "Trainload of Bugattis" podcast. If you happen to be searching for some excellent photos of the Shakespeare Bugattis as they were loaded on the railcars, as well as a snapshot or two of the seller himself, you can find them right here: "A Treasure Trove of Bugattis."

The image gallery (16 photos) is courtesy of David Gulick, the photographer who captured these images in March of 1964, and Don Sherman, a writer for The New York Times, who wrote a version of the story we told in the podcast. Sherman's article is titled "A Used-Car Deal for the Ages: 30 Bugattis Sold for a Song."