Tesla Motors to Open a Chicago Location This Spring

Scott Benjamin

After a great deal of speculation over the past several years, Tesla Motors has officially announced that it's opening a Midwest Regional Sales & Service Center in Chicago, Ill.

Set to open this spring, the Chicago store will be located at 1053 W. Grand Avenue, near the Kennedy Expressway in the River West neighborhood. According to the latest Tesla Motors press release, "The location gives prospective customers the opportunity to experience Tesla's best-in-class performance under a range of driving conditions, including highways and urban streets."

To date, Tesla Motors has only two retail locations; both of which are in California -- one in Los Angeles and the other in Menlo Park. The Chicago store is the first of seven new locations in the works for 2009. The other six cities that Tesla is targeting are London, Miami, Seattle, Manhattan, Washington, D.C. and Munich, Germany.

Sebastian Blanco of AutoblogGreen tells us, "If everything goes well - and we know it won't, but we can still hope for smooth progress - then the new retail locations will be the spearhead for the Model S, which will be unveiled in a few short weeks."

Tesla's Model S prototype sedan, which is scheduled to be unveiled on March 26, is an all-electric, zero-emission four-door vehicle with a base price of around $57,400. Federal tax credits could reduce that base price by $7,500, making the Tesla Model S somewhere close to $50,000 when all is said and done.

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