If matte black is out, what's the next big automotive trend?

Scott Benjamin

Matte black Lexus LFA
Matte black Lexus LFA
Courtesy of robpoetsch

Can we all agree that this matte black (flat black, satin black, murdered out -- whatever you choose to call it) trend is over? I mean, way over -- a long time ago. But even now, I probably still see at least 10 matte black cars on my way to and from the HowStuffWorks office each day.

Granted, some cars, like the Lexus LFA pictured here, do seem to be able to pull off this look a lot better than most of the rattle-can-sprayed Honda Civics; but even so, flat black (any flat color, really) is truly starting to look dated. (And before you decide to flame me in the comments section below, you should know that I'm a Honda Civic Si driver myself. But mine is a nice, glossy, dark blue color.)

One place that I do think flat black should remain: old hot rods. The kind that also look good in primer and flames.

I guess I just want to get the CarStuff audience opinion on this one. What do you think will be the next big trend? Is it chrome-covered bodies (like a lot of celebrities seem to be doing to their exotics recently)? Is it maybe going to be some sort of retro-trend, like the return of wooden side panels? Do you think ultra-wide whitewall tires going to reappear? Seriously, I'd like to know what you think in the comments below.

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