High Speed Stuff Wrap-up: Offshore Powerboat Racing and Rotary Engines

Scott Benjamin

When it comes to the topics we choose to talk about in our High Speed Stuff podcast, Ben and I really make an effort to be as varied as possible. Just scroll through the wide-range of subjects we've covered in the past 150 episodes for proof of that. So maybe that's why I simply can't believe we haven't discussed boats -- up until this week, that is. Yes, in the past we've talked about plenty of amphibious cars, but we never dedicated a full episode strictly to boats. And I think we've jumped into the water head-first on this one -- offshore powerboat racing. Give Tuesday's episode a few minutes of your time, see if you like what we have to say and then send us a note if you want to hear more about other boat-related topics. We're already planning an upcoming episode on cargo ships, so watch for that one, too.

Thursday's show delved into the mysterious world of the rotary engine. We've already had quite a few responses from listeners that say these engines seem "magic" in the way they operate. And while I can't honestly verify that there's any actual supernatural activity happening inside there, I can tell you that there's a sort of magical simplicity to the way they work -- very few moving parts when compared to a typical internal combustion engine. Am I piquing your interest? Then listen to our latest release to get the full story.

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