High Speed Stuff Wrap-up: Henry Ford and Strange Vehicles

Scott Benjamin

You know how it's always just a little bit uncomfortable to hear your own recorded voice? Well, despite that anxiety, I did something this week that I rarely do -- I actually listened to the High Speed Stuff podcast. Why? Because of the interesting topics, of course! Want to know what we talked about?

On Tuesday, Ben and I had a really fun discussion about Henry Ford. But not necessarily the stuff that you're accustomed to hearing about Mr. Ford -- we focused on his eccentricities. And wow, did he ever display some odd behavior! Now, I don't know about you, but when it comes to Henry Ford it just seems like I can't get enough historical information. I don't know what it is, but the early days of the automobile are incredibly fascinating to me. I could easily spend all of my time just reading biographies of the industrial revolution giants, looking at photos of archaic factories and imagining what life must have been like at that time. Anyway, take a few minutes to listen to this podcast and you'll hear about a side of Henry Ford that you may never have known existed.

Thursday's topic was strange vehicles. And let me tell you, we found some really crazy examples. Naturally, this is another instance where I really don't want to give too much away before you listen to the episode. However, I will say this: Where else are you going to hear a conversation that includes cupcake cars and monowheels? I've already said too much. You'll have to listen to get the details.

And that's what's happening on the High Speed Stuff podcast this week. You can listen to it right here -- it's completely free. Just don't forget while you're there to take the opportunity to browse through some of our older episodes and give us a little feedback. You can also let us know what you think in the comment section below, or if you'd rather send us an e-mail, you can do that, too. We always read the address at the end of each podcast.