High Speed Stuff Synopsis - Air-powered Cars and Go-karts

Scott Benjamin

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Are you looking for a quick recap of the topics that Ben and I are talking about on iTunes this week? If so, you're in the right place. Now, without further delay, here's the skinny on High Speed Stuff for the past few days...

On Tuesday, we discussed the possibility of an air-powered car from a company called Motor Development International (MDI). Don't feel bad if you're confused -- initially, I was, too. Just the thought of an air-powered car is both strangely enticing and a little bit crazy all at the same time. And we're not talking about just one car, either. There's a complete lineup of vehicles from this French company and they're ready to produce them when the time is right. Of course, I don't want to give anything away, but if you take just a few minutes to listen to this podcast, you'll know where Ben and I stand on the idea of actually owning and driving an air-powered car. I think our answers might surprise you.

Thursday, Ben and I had a lot of fun talking about a topic that's near and dear to both of our hearts -- I'm talking about go-karts. Taking an e-mail suggestion from a High Speed Stuff listener -- thank you, Sam from Lafayette, Ind. -- Ben and I had a chance to recall some fond memories of the times we spent behind the wheel our very own go-karts when we were younger. Sadly, Ben no longer has his go-kart -- but he has mentioned (more than once) that he's considering buying a replacement. I still have my original go-kart and with the warm weather approaching, I just might have to dust it off and fire it up for a fast run through my neighborhood. It's amazing how much adrenaline even a short ride in a go-kart can produce. Anyway, this was a particularly fun podcast for both of us and I think you'll find it entertaining, too.

So there you have it. That's what's happening on the High Speed Stuff podcast this week. If you're interested in either of these topics, head on over to iTunes and give it a listen -- it's fun, informative and free. While you're there, listen to some of our older episodes, too. Of course, don't forget to come back here to let us know what you think in the comment section below. Or if you'd rather send us an e-mail, you can do that, too. We read the address at the end of each podcast.

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