My Favorite Formula One Car: The 1967 Honda RA300

Scott Benjamin

1967 Honda RA300
1967 Honda RA300
Courtesy of F1 Fanatic

If I had to pick just one, I'd have to say it's this 1967 Honda RA300. It's powered by a 48-valve, V-12 Honda engine and it sits on top of a chassis designed by Lola. The "waterfall" exhaust arrangement, the fully exposed engine, the torpedo-shaped body -- I think this is a classic and even stunning design. Not only that, but there's some fascinating racing history attached to it, too.

In this car's very first race (the 1967 Italian Grand Prix at Monza), with British driver John Surtees behind the wheel, the RA300 led the pack for just one single lap; however, that one lap also happened to be the final lap of the race, and the victory went to Surtees and Honda on that day. Not a bad start, right?

But that was it. The remainder of its short-lived, on-track career just simply wasn't as successful as the initial outing. There were no more victory laps for the Honda RA300. Not even a podium finish. In fact, this car was only raced in a total of four races over two seasons (including the above-mentioned '67 Italian Grand Prix) -- it saw action in just three races in 1967 and only one in 1968. The car retired with alternator problems during the United States Grand Prix (1967), finished 4th in the Mexican Grand Prix (1967) and 8th in the South African Grand Prix (1968).

And yet, despite its extremely brief racing career, even today, 46 years later, the Honda RA300 still holds a place in the F1 record books: It's the only F1 car to ever to take its sole win in its inaugural Grand Prix race.

So that's my pick. What's your favorite F1 car, and why?