Ernie Adams and his Dwarf Car Cruisers (with video)

Scott Benjamin

Ernie Adams and his 1949 Mercury Dwarf Courtesy of Dwarf Car Promotions

Several months ago we covered dwarf race cars in our Legends Cars podcast. We talked about the history of these quirky little race cars, how they were "discovered" in Phoenix, Ariz., and the lead up to the unveiling of the first Legends Car in April 1992. But there's more to the dwarf car story ...

When Ernie Adams stopped building dwarf race cars (decades ago), he began to follow another dream: building scaled-down, street-legal classic cars entirely from scratch. Ernie calls them dwarf car cruisers -- and they're remarkable little machines. So, in advance of this week's podcast on Dwarf Car Cruisers, here are a couple of short video clips of Ernie Adams and his lifetime passion:

And here's a slightly longer video of Ernie Adams and his 1949 Mercury Dwarf Cruiser at a classic car show: