Drift Parking -- RC Style (with video)

Scott Benjamin

Drift parking an RC car Courtesy of Drift44 via YouTube

I certainly wasn't looking for drifting radio controlled cars when I stumbled upon this video earlier this morning. What I was looking for was some information about precision (stunt) parking -- but then this showed up in one of my Google searches, and I thought the CarStuff audience might want to see it, too. This seems like exactly the kind of hobby that a CarStuff fan (or CarStuff co-host?) might be interested in.

Pretty amazing (RC) car control -- you really have to admire the accuracy this guy demonstrates:

I'm learning to fly one of those small indoor RC helicopters right now, and I'm doing an OK job with that; however, the last RC car I owned (and keep in mind it was a relatively inexpensive one that was difficult to control) I smashed into every table, chair and wall in my house. Maybe it's time to buy a new (and much faster) outside toy? I suddenly have the urge to buy an electric RC drift car ...