Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycles at Best Buy

Scott Benjamin

For whatever reason, it seems that we're always intrigued when a retail outlet or warehouse club offers an unusual piece of merchandise. Take for instance the recent Sam's Club Once-in-a-Lifetime Holiday Package that featured an electric "Super Car" from Hybrid Technologies. The electric sports car carried a $100,000 price tag, and despite the steep cost, it sold almost immediately.

Of course, these unusual items don't have to be automotive-related to garner attention. Look no further than Costco for another good example. Costco sells caskets. Actually, they sell caskets, urns for human remains, urns for pet remains, keepsakes and sympathy flowers, too. A bit strange at first, but over the past several years the public has seemed to accept the idea that they can buy tires, potato chips and coffins all in one stop.

And while it may not sound quite as strange as caskets at Costco, in May of this year, some Best Buy locations will begin selling Brammo Enertia motorcycles. That's right; the same place you go to buy USB cables, car stereos, DVDs and laptop computers will also have a few two-wheelers for sale. But these aren't ordinary motorcycles -- the Brammo Enertia is an electric motorcycle with lots of carbon fiber, a range of 35 to 45 miles per charge and a sticker price just under $12,000.

According to Jeremy Korzeniewski at Autoblog, Best Buy invested a few million dollars in Brammo last September, so the decision to sell the Enertia at its retail stores may not be so out-of-the-ordinary. Initially, only five Best Buy locations near the West Coast are expected to carry the cycles, but if the trial period goes as planned and the bikes begin selling like hotcakes, you may be able to pick up a Brammo Enertia at your local Best Buy in the very near future.

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