Where is Blue Bird No. 1?

Scott Benjamin

1927 - Blue Bird No. 1 Creative Commons/Flickr/The Henry Ford

Well, I suppose this happens sometimes. I just finished listening to our recent CarStuff podcast -- the one about school buses -- and that's when I realized we forgot to mention where the very first Blue Bird school bus is currently on display.

Early in the episode, we talked about Blue Bird No. 1, including why it's such an important piece of automotive history; but then we were so wrapped-up in our conversation about potential uses for decommissioned school buses (including those amazing Guatemalan chicken buses that Ben mentioned) that we forgot our earlier promise to tell you where you could go to see it on display. Something we had mentioned that we would do before the end of the show. So here it is:

Blue Bird No. 1, the very first steel-bodied school bus built by Albert Luce (senior) in 1927, was donated to The Henry Ford in March of 2010 -- and that's where you'll find it on display today.