Barn-find 1929 Packard Wins Best in Show Award

Scott Benjamin

1929 Packard Model 633 Runabout Courtesy of Paul Tracy via Hemmings Daily

I think the only thing better than owning a really great car is owning a really great car with an interesting history attached. And this old barn-find Packard seems to fit that description perfectly.

The way the car was discovered is more than a little unusual, too. The car's current owner, Paul Tracy (a fourth-generation Packard enthusiast and collector), was tracking down what he and his family had always assumed was just a bit of old-car folklore, an urban legend: A tale of a Packard car tucked away deep in the Adirondack Mountains, somewhere near the Schroon Lake area.

It required some pretty impressive detective work, but Tracy did eventually locate the old, forgotten car resting in its aging shed, which was now completely surrounded by trees (trees that had grown there since the car was parked). He made an agreeable offer to the family that owned it and then went about the chore of digging it out of the shed/wooded area where it was stored for the last 50 years. (Well, except for that one time in the late 1960s when some kids took it out for a joyride around town.) And, as you'd expect, that's not all there is to this car's long and remarkable history. If you want the full details, Daniel Strohl from Hemmings Daily provides a good write-up of the whole thing -- including some info about (and a photo of) the car's original owner, and how the Packard won a Best in Show award at the invitation-only, Wolfert's Roost Country Club show in Albany, N.Y., earlier this year.

Paul has no plans to restore the Packard. Instead, he's talking with experts about how to preserve it and prevent further deterioration. It's a great car with a great history, so this recent barn-find has a lot of collectors talking.