Are you in Ford's "Fiesta Movement" yet?

Scott Benjamin

You may have a hard time believing this, but it's true -- Ford Motor Company is giving away cars!

One hundred of them to be exact. It's all part of the Ford "Fiesta Movement" that's currently underway, and if you're not in yet, well, maybe you should consider it.

The 2011 Ford Fiesta, a car that Motor Trend called a "Gotta Have" car, is headed to U.S. roads, but not until early 2010. Ford is providing a few individuals (they're calling them "special agents," by the way) with the chance to be the first in the nation to drive the new Fiesta, at no cost to the driver, for six months.

The Ford Fiesta Movement Web site says, "As a driver, you'll receive monthly secret assignments from Ford Mission Control that will take you to places you've never been, to meet people you've never met, and to experiences you'll never forget. And you'll bring your friends and followers along for the ride." Ford adds that the chosen "special agents" will experience adventure and intrigue, go to obscure places and meet interesting (perhaps even famous) people.

Special agents, adventure and intrigue, secret assignments...and Ford Mission Control? This has the potential to be awesome! The countdown clock on the Fiesta Movement site is ticking, which means your window of opportunity is slowly closing.

According to the site, you will need to create a 2 to 5 minute video that describes why you're worthy of one of the 100 cars up-for-grabs. You can even watch a few of the early entries if you're looking for a little creative inspiration, but don't waste too much time: A week ago, Aaron Barr of MediaPost Publications Marketing Daily reported that about 1,500 people had already submitted entries.

If you're selected, you'll get unlimited use of a 2011 Ford Fiesta for six months, and as an added bonus, Ford will pay for your gas and insurance, too. Of course, there are rules and regulations, deadlines and requirements for all entrants...but, hey! Free car! For six months, anyway.

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