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London’s Train for the Dead

In the middle of the 19th century, overcrowded London had a big problem. It needed a way to transport the dead out of the city. The London Necropolis Railway seemed like a perfect, yet spooky, solution.

When Good Car Companies Make Bad Cars

These are the ones that the automakers want us to forget — the mechanical equivalent of the black sheep of the family. Join Scott and Ben as they run down a list of some of the worst cars built by the best manufacturers.

Team CarStuff and the Ohio Valley 700 (Part 2)

Join Scott and Ben as they conclude their two-part discussion of Rally North America's Ohio Valley 700.

Team CarStuff and the Ohio Valley 700 (Part 1)

Team CarStuff recently competed in Rally North America's Ohio Valley 700. Tune in to find out what happened to Scott, Ben, Casey and Noel as they road-tripped across the Northeastern United States.

A Mystery Show: Autonomous Car Hackers

In this episode, Ben brings a surprise topic to the podcast studio: autonomous car hackers. Themes of personal safety and even possible criminal activity are points of discussion as the guys sort out the latest autonomous-car news.

Nuts and Bolts - Team CarStuff

Where else can you listen to a single podcast that covers a road rally, dragonflies, "average" sedans and deliberate steam locomotive collisions? Nowhere, that's where. But that's just what Scott and Ben do in the latest episode of CarStuff.

The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company (Part 2)

Things were going well for the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company. Really well. But, as you know, nothing lasts forever. Tune in as Scott and Ben discuss the eventual fate of this once-great American car company.

The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company (Part 1)

This early 20th century luxury-car manufacturer was at one time better known for producing common household items. Join Scott and Ben as they explore the rich history of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company.

The duPont Registry

For 32 years the duPont Registry has been the go-to magazine for specialty automobiles and a wide assortment of luxury items.

The Great Danbury State Fair Boat Races

Learn the story behind the nation's first aquaway and the tiny, fast, custom-built speedboats that raced at the Danbury State Fairgrounds in 1950.

Is Graham the ideal car crash survivor?

This is what you get when a crash expert, a trauma surgeon and an artist team up to create a crash-proof human. Tune in to discover the features that make Graham so unique.

The Rise of Food Trucks

It's no secret that food trucks are enjoying national attention here in the States - but why? Where did food trucks originally come from, and how does running one work? Tune in to learn more.

Board Track Racing

At the start of the 20th century, motorcycles and cars competed on enormous, steeply banked wooden racetracks called motordromes. Listen in to find out why these popular tracks quickly earned a much more ominous nickname: murderdrome.

What's it really like to own your dream car?

Every car buff has their dream vehicle, whether it's a vintage Porsche, a mean Mustang or a timeless Rolls-Royce. But what's it actually like to own that Bugatti? Tune in for a closer look at the reality of owning the ideal auto.

The 93 Rolls-Royces of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Some called Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh a messiah, and some called him a cult leader. Beginning in the 1980s, this controversial guru and his followers slowly took over an area of rural Oregon. Yet despite all his spiritual teachings and publications, he's perhaps best remembered for amassing a collection of nearly 100 Rolls-Royces. So what happened to them?


Designed in the same warehouse that once held the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, The Mill BLACKBIRD is the world's first fully-adjustable car rig capable of creating photoreal computer-generated vehicles.

What's the deal with luxury pickup trucks?

How much would you pay for a new truck kitted-out with all the bells and whistles? It's a question more and more U.S. car buyers are asking as they purchase trucks with amenities previous generations never imagined -- but it leads to a bigger question: How long will the trend persist?

The Case of the Buried Ferrari Dino 246

How did a Ferrari Dino 246 end up buried in an L.A. backyard? Where did it come from, and why did it end up rotting beneath the Earth? In this episode, Scott and Ben investigate the mysterious case of the buried Dino.

What was the Expedition of the Americas?

In the late 1970s, a Jeep enthusiast named Mark A. Smith gathered several like-minded adventurers and set about on a wildly ambitious journey -- to drive from the tip of South America all the way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. So how far did they get? Tune in to find out.

Can You Fix It Yourself? Beginner Car Repair

How can you tell when a repair is an easy, at-home project or a job for a seasoned mechanic? Join Scott and Ben as they take a closer look at the ins and outs of beginner car repair.