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 Will Honda's F1 team race in 2009?

The start of the 2009 Formula One racing season is about a month away and it's really beginning to look as if Honda's F1 team may not be lining up with the rest of the competition in Melbourne, Australia, at the end of March. In a statement made by Honda Motor Co., on December 5, 2008, Honda made the "extremely difficult decision" to pull out of all Formula One activities. They put their F1 team up for sale citing the "deteriorating operating environment facing the global auto industry, brought on by the sub-prime problem in the United States, the deepening credit crisis and the sudden contraction of the world economies" as the reasoning behind their action. Perhaps this is understandable when you consider that the Honda F1 team is believed to have an operating budget of more than $300 million per year. See more »

 Car Share Clubs Make Dreams Come True

Can you picture yourself behind the wheel of some of the world's fastest (and most expensive) exotic cars? Most drivers dream about it, but simply don't have the cash to make it a reality. Is there a way to park a Lamborghini in your driveway for jus ... See more »

 Is a hypercar in your future?

Everyone wants improved fuel mileage, right? Even hybrid car owners that routinely get 60+ mpg are looking to squeeze every last mile from each tank of fuel. But what if you could buy a car that gets even better fuel mileage? Is 100+ mpg (or more) po ... See more »

 Sweden Rejects GM's Plea to Save Saab

During a recent press conference held at the government headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Maud Olofsson, Sweden's Industry Minister, said that she is "deeply disappointed in General Motors" for requesting $570 million from the Swedish gove ... See more »

 So Long, Saturn

After a great deal of speculation and rumor, General Motors has finally made the official call regarding the fate of its Saturn brand. However, the automaker has a few tough decisions to make about its SAAB and Hummer line of vehicles, too.According ... See more »