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The Bugatti Sale of the Century (16 photos)

I thought I'd post this to go along with our "The image gallery (16 photos) is courtesy of David Gulick, the photographer who captured these images in March of 1964, and Don Sherman, a writer for The New York Times, who wrote a version of the st ... See more »

Solar Roadways: Pros and Cons (with video)

I'm posting these videos for CarStuff listeners that might have listened to our recent Solar Roadways podcast. The first video is the promotional Indiegogo package that's intended to introduce the project... See more »

The Kandi Machine - Electric Car Rental in China (with video)

This is for those of you who have been asking about the car vending machine in Hangzhou, China -- the one that we talked about in our recent podcast: "Aside from getting to see the machine in action, you'll also get plenty of additional informat ... See more »

The 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO (with video)

If you can wait until July 31, 2014 (and if you can manage to save up about $149,990 USD between now and then), you can have the limited production 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO parked in your driveway. Nissan Motor Company says it's "the fastest Nissa ... See more »

Ernie Adams and his Dwarf Car Cruisers (with video)

Several months ago we covered dwarf race cars in our When Ernie Adams stopped building dwarf race cars (decades ago), he began to follow another dream: building scaled-down, street-legal classic cars entirely from scratch. Ernie calls them dwarf car ... See more »

Since we're planning to talk about the McLaren P1 in an upcoming CarStuff podcast, I thought I'd give you a chance to have a closer look at exactly what we're talking about. The car is the amazing McLaren P1 -- a limited production, plug-in hybrid, s ... See more »

Yardbird Park Jets (with video)

Ever since we recorded our I'm a beginner, so I'm not looking for a full-on, turbine-powered model jet (that's definitely for advanced RC pilots, and someone with deep, deep pockets); however, I would like to build and fly a park jet -- a prop-driven ... See more »

Tucker Corporation Promotional Film from 1948

We're in the middle of recording a three-part podcast series on the life of Preston Tucker and the Tucker 48 (aka the Tucker Torpedo). And while I'm sure many of our listeners have seen the 1988 film "Tucker: The Man and His Dream," there's ... See more »

Drift Parking -- RC Style (with video)

I certainly wasn't looking for drifting radio controlled cars when I stumbled upon this video earlier this morning. What I was looking for was some information about precision (stunt) parking -- but then this showed up in one of my Google searches, a ... See more »

"The Blues Brothers" Shopping Mall Chase Scene - Recreated in LEGO

I think I'm safe in assuming that most of us have played with LEGO building blocks at some point in our past. And I'm even going to assume that most CarStuff fans have seen the 1980 film, "The Blues Brothers." If you haven't -- well, you're ... See more »